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Some of you have probably heard the news that Adele is temporarily stepping away from the entertainment business (music industry) and announced to have at least a decade-long break from touring. Adele was seems struggling to adjust to the nature of touring. Since the release of her album entitled ‘21’ in 2011, the singer-songwriter has been focused by the spotlight and only gains more attention and fame towards the subsequent years.

With the release of the album ‘25’ back in 2015, now that she had tied the knot and bore a baby, it seems to be very understandable why a long break is necessary. She wants to become a full-time mother for her son, Angelo. However, it doesn’t imply that she will stop making music.

Compared to the singers like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Bruno Mars, Adele’s vocal range seems to be not her most remarkable asset. Bruno Mars vocal range is better than Adele. What makes her voice different compared to others is the total control of her timber and the myriad of tone colors as she paints her expressions through singing. 

She can become an ex-lover full of disdain in ‘Rolling In The Deep,’ a single person suffering heartbreak in ‘Someone Like You,’ and an apologetic former girlfriend in ‘Hello.’

List of Singers Who Can Sing Like Adele

You as an Adele fans may be getting impatient for her return and hope to be entertained by her voice and her songs again. You might be interested in exploring other singers that can at least rival her indisputable singing style in unique ways.

There are singers of today that are aspiring to be similar to Adele’s voice. Here are five female vocalists worth a shot of hearing them sing.

1) Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle is already a star and has been for quite some time in the genre of contemporary Christian music. She may have a small audience, but for sure, with her crossover to the pop genre in her hit song ‘, You Say’, she can catch the attention of the rest of listeners around the world.

Every lyric she belted out, there is a balanced mixture of passion and power in her voice. For that reason, she is in the conversation of most Adele comparisons. She is one of the singers that sound like Adele. She has Adele’s ability to transform any song written into an anthem of emotions. 

Daigle can bring out the best of herself by taking songs to even higher pedestals without any noticeable difficulty. 

2) Frances

Frances, also a UK singer-songwriter, is a budding artist with the same chops, feels and sound like Adele. This 23-year-old woman can bring so much soul and emotion in some of her songs filled with sentiments that she was even dubbed as the younger ‘Adele’.

With her song entitled ‘Grow’, even an Adele die-hard fan can agree that Frances can be a mirror image of their idol. As a young songwriter, she mastered the craft of pouring out the emotions into a stream of heartfelt lyrics and be delivered smoothly by her confident vocals. 

Frances can display her strong voice with the utmost self-esteem, similar to Adele’s voice. In her song ‘Don’t Worry About Me’, you can hear at the start of her singing already outpouring of expressions in Acappella.

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3) Andra Day

Andra Day is a rising superstar whose vocals can blow anyone’s mind away. Her song, ‘Rise Up’, is a testament to her current vocal ability already equipped with power and control covered with a flavor of raspy R&B style and a slice of graceful belting. She also worked for a certain period with the great Stevie Wonder and lent her voice to the relaxing track ‘”Someday At Christmas”.

Andra Day was singing in a strip mall when Stevie Wonder’s ex-wife, Kai Millard Morris, discovered her back in 2010. She was then brought by Morris to Stevie Wonder’s attention, who later introduced her to a producer, and that moment marked the start of a new life of mainstream music artist. 

Have you heard of Dinah Washington? Amy Winehouse? Rihanna? Combine their styles, and you will get Andra Day. Amy Winehouse also sound like Adele voice. There is no question that Adele fans can expect greater things from her, just like they used to with their idol. 

4) Paloma Faith

Faith’s singing style can be comparable to Adele in terms of tone color. She can be speaking emotionally about love and bursting out passionately through her smooth voice range. She takes a stand that great singers don’t need gimmicks and the autotune to provide perfect musical performance. One of her Adele-style song I liked the most is “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”

Faith has achieved a status of milt-platinum in her albums long before the music spotlight starts to shine at her. This only proves that this woman still has a lot to give, and the grandest stage where she belongs is still waiting for her to unleash the very best of her capabilities. 

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5) Ella Henderson

A very competent contestant of the talent show in UK X-Factor, this finalist is making her way to become a singing sensation. Ella Henderson versatility is reflected in her current hit pop song ‘Ghost’ and her sentimental hits ‘Yours’ and ‘Missed’.

As she is rising to fame from her incredible start, there are numerous comparisons between her and Adele due to their vocal prowess and emotional approach to the song’s lyrics. 

She may be young, but she can indeed bring out the passion necessary to make any audience relate to the song she is singing. While walking towards the path to success, you can’t help but be happy for her journey as she elevates to where Adele’s level is. 

6) Elle King

If Adele had ventured to the rock genre (dance music), then this woman, native from Ohio, will surely be the personification of it. As a neophyte to the mainstream music scene, her debut album entitled ‘Love Stuff’ has already produced hits such as ‘Ex’s & Oh’s’. 

Elle King latest single entitled ‘Good Thing Gone’, had that vintage soul atmosphere that people love her for. Just like her comedian father, Rob Schneider, she can execute blending of styles to her craft and make any song she covered her own. 

As she starts to whisper in her latest song, you can instantly hear pieces of emotion being implanted through your ear. The way she sings those lyrics, along with the backing of the instruments, is the very expression of how sincere she is in the content of her music, much like how Adele brings sincerity to the lyrics she sang. 

7) Ella Eyre

Influenced by singing greats like Etta James, Hans Zimmer, and Lauryn Hill, this 24-year-old British singer songwriter, has a vocal style mixture of soulfulness and sassiness that makes her sound very distinct. Eyre rose to the mainstream with her hit single, ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off’. 

Ella Eyre proved that she was no one-hit-wonder with her single ‘Deeper’ and showcased her ability to cross genres from ballads to upbeat music. She has studied in prestigious musical school, the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology in London, which boasts with music superstars as alumni like Jessie J, Leona Lewis, and even Adele herself. 

She had gone a long way, from being an overwhelmed audience of Adele’s 2011 BRIT Awards performance to the ongoing music career she has. She has a very bright future towards her destination to greatness, and she only has begun.

8) Jessie Ware

Ware is a versatile musician who can make her studio songs sound even way better on acoustic renditions. There are a couple of live performances where you can just listen to her overflowing passion beautifully contained by the vocal control and song arrangement. An example of her incredible live performance is the one she did at NPR Tiny Desk Acoustic. 


As Adele is taking the backseat on her ride of success, it gives room for these women mentioned above to rise up to the occasion and be the stars they were meant to be. As music fans, let us try to give them the recognition they deserve. 

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