7 Reasons Why Singing is Good For You

Reasons why singing is good for you

Have you ever sung your heart out in the shower or while listening to the radio in the car? If so, you probably have some idea of how fun and therapeutic it is to sing. But did you know that there are several health benefits … Read more

How to Sing When Nervous – Expert Guide For Performers

How to Sing When Nervous

If you’re a performer struggling with stage fright, you’re not alone. Many artists experience anxiety before taking the stage, and it can be a challenging experience. However, there are practical steps you can take to transform this fear into a powerful and memorable performance.  Overcoming … Read more

How to Prevent Singing Flat – Step By Step Instructions

How to Prevent Singing Flat

No matter how experienced you are as a singer, it’s highly frustrating when you’re trying to hit the perfect notes and deliver a flawless performance and end up singing flat. Falling just one semitone below the desired note is a common problem that can leave … Read more

30-day Singer Review: All You Need To Know

30-day Singer Review

Do you wish you could sing like your favorite artists but have no idea where to start?  30-day Singer is a program that claims to teach you how to sing in just 30 days. But does it sound too good to be true? Is it … Read more

Falsetto vs Head Voice – Differences Explained!

Difference Between Head Voice and Falsetto

If you’re a musician, you’ve probably heard of the terms “head voice” and “falsetto.” However, these two terms have caused confusion among vocalists everywhere, and very few people appear to be able to distinguish between them. We will break down the distinction between head voice … Read more

How To Sing Into A Microphone (Get the Perfect Sound)

black women singing on microphone

Picture this: you’ve purchased a new microphone and are happy with how it sounds. However, after a few days, you aren’t sure whether you’re singing into it correctly.  As a singer and music producer, I’ve used several microphones throughout my career. Most importantly, I know … Read more

How to Make a Microphone Sound Better & Professional

How to Make a Microphone Sound Better & Professional

Perhaps you have an expensive microphone but were disappointed with the audio quality because you expected it to be clearer and better. Or you’re trying to make the best out of a bad situation by improving the sound quality of your budget microphone without spending … Read more

Best Deepen Voice Exercises To Improve your Voice

Deepen Voice Exercises To Improve your Voice

A man’s deep voice is one of his most attractive features. It can make you feel more powerful, influential, attractive, and even dominant. Is it possible, though, to develop a deeper voice through physical means alone, without the need for medical intervention? If you’ve seen … Read more

How to Not Sing from Your Throat

How to Not Sing from Your Throat - Become singer

If you’re someone who loves to sing, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the terms “singing from your throat” and “singing from your diaphragm.” Professional singers have long debated whether it’s better to sing from the throat or the diaphragm. The consensus is that the … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Learn to Sing?

How Long Does it Take to Learn to Sing

Singing is a fantastic new skill to learn, especially if you have a real passion for music. There are literally no downsides to learning this new skill; it is beneficial to both your physical and mental health. However, you must be mentally prepared to put … Read more

How to Get Your Singing Voice Back

How to Get Your Singing Voice Back

There are a number of causes for voice loss (or aphonia.) It could result from something as simple as yelling excessively at a concert or sports game, chronic smoking, allergies, acid reflux, which causes heartburn and stomach acid to irritate your esophagus and vocal cords, … Read more

Best 88-Key Digital Pianos – 5 Best Picks

Best 88-key Digital Pianos

So you’re looking for a brand-new 88–key digital piano to complement your space. But how do you choose from the dozens, if not hundreds, of 88-key digital pianos available on the market today? There are plenty of factors to consider before making your purchase, and … Read more

What Is Indie Music – Meaning, History & Examples

What Is Indie Music - Meaning, History & Examples

What is Indie Music? The indie genre has had various iterations to its meaning over the last few decades. Because of how loosely the term is used to describe a whole umbrella of sub-genres, it can seem quite ambiguous. But at its core, indie retains … Read more

10 Best Home Theatre Power Managers in 2024

10 Best Home Theatre Power Managers in 2022

Home theatres are a huge investment that requires you to do proper research before buying one. With the  overload of information on the internet, you might find getting a comprehensive list of sound systems difficult. We have done the work for you and compiled a … Read more

How to Hold a Microphone When Singing or Rapping

Singer holding mic firmly when singing on stage.

Professional singers and rappers do not just hold a mic according to their whims and fancies. They hold the mic in such a way that it will sound best. The Microphone, of course, is an excellent instrument for amplifying your voice while performing. But the … Read more

Why Does My Singing Sound Like Talking?

Singer paused during singing performance.

One of our readers sent us an email asking an interesting question, “Why My Singing Sounds Like Talking?“. And decided to write an article to specifically answer this question. Marty Rubin once remarked: “You don’t need a reason to sing.” But what if your singing … Read more

How To Choose Songs For Beginner Singers (Female)

Beginner female singer singing an easy song.

In a musical world characterized by a mishmash of music genres and beautiful songs, how can you zero in on the right songs if you are a beginner female singer? Well, this may be one of the questions occupying your mind as an aspiring artist … Read more

How to Sing Better as a Female Singer?

Young women singing to improve her singing voice.

Have you ever wondered what you would become as a female singer if you could only push your singing level a notch higher? I guess you have not yet given this a careful thought. But suppose you make that extra effort to enhance your voice, … Read more

How To Relax Your Throat When Singing

Singer singing happily in relaxing mode.

Humans have the vocal cords (vocal folds or voice reeds) that consist of folds of tissues located in the throat. These folds of tissues are responsible for creating sounds via vocalization. The vocal folds’ size affects the voice pitch. The health of the vocal cords … Read more

How To Sing With Emotion

Singer singing with emotional facial expressions.

Some singers, when they sing, have an elating effect on the emotions of their listeners. This is because they sing from the heart. Their renditions of songs appeal to the feelings of the audience, enabling the audience to connect with them easily. Their audience swoon … Read more

How To Become Popular On Smule (Singing App)

Smule karaoke banner.

One of the potent tools that have been found seminal in the musical world is social media. And to be more specific, one of the most powerful of them as music is concerned is Smule. Smule is one of the social media apps sensed to … Read more

How To Sing Like Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra album photo with his signature

Music, either in the primordial era or in the contemporary era, has been blessed with thousands of gifted and talented musicians. One of the most respected musical artists of all time is Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra was an American singer, producer, and actor. He was … Read more

How To Know If You Can Sing?

A female singer is testing her voice with mic

Singing as an act goes beyond just singing, opening the mouth to utter some melodious songs in the shower or your bedroom. It is an act and art that goes beyond you as a person. However, it might be practically impossible to perceive the way … Read more

How To Deal With Crying While Singing

Singer is crying while singing an emotional song.

Music has an almost irresistible way of entwining with human emotions and triggering powerful reactions that can be overwhelming. Music appeals mostly to the ears, but it has an intriguing ability to infiltrate the other senses, as well. The way that music compels people to … Read more

How to Memorize & Remember Song Lyrics [Quick & Easy]

A man is trying to recall the lyrics in front of mic.

Some people memorize songs easily especially those who can compose songs, but there are also many people who want to know the techniques on how to memorize songs so they can sing with confidence in front of the audience.  Songs are considered an essential part … Read more