How to Get Over Stage Fright While Singing – [Explained]

How to Get Over Stage Fright While Singing

There’s nothing worse than feeling utterly nervous and anxious before an event in your life that should be memorable, exciting, and overall a happy experience. You could be a musician who’s been waiting for this gig for the past months, a public speaker who’s made … Read more

What Genre Is Frank Sinatra’s Music? Explained

What Genre Is Frank Sinatra’s Music

Frank Sinatra is one of the most famous and legendary singers in history. Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, the artist is considered to be the greatest American singer of the 20th century. But what genre is Frank Sinatra’s music? With a career that spanned the … Read more

Different Types of Singing Groups in Music Industry

singing groups

As a former band lead vocalist, I can say without any reservation that establishing a singing group or a band is difficult. It is like trying to put together different types of personalities, and your only commonality is that you love classical music. You often … Read more

What Are The Best Things To Drink Before Singing?

Singer choose drinks to kept her vocal cord hydrated.

The vocal cords are located along the air passage and not in the esophagus; hence, you cannot directly moisten it. Maybe if you have an aerosol spray that you can use to spray moist onto your nasal cavities, you can at least ensure that the … Read more

17 Things That Will Destroy Your Singing Voice Forever!

What are the things that will hurt your singing voice quality.

Voice care is the most important task for a singer. As a singer, you must be able to understand and identify the factors that were affecting your voice and the steps to solve them. Anything that is abused or not taken care of usually atrophies. Similarly, … Read more

How to Choose the Right Songs For Your Singing Career

Singing Career

If you are going to start a singing career, start it right. Since as they said-well planned is half done; similar to any other career, choose the right song to start your singing career. As an aspiring singer who wants to begin his/her career in … Read more

Winning Singing Audition Tips

Pathway to the audition room

To succeed in the singing audition, one has to eliminate the main barrier, which is stage fright, regardless of whether one has a good voice. You should know that singing concerts are not found that easily and you need a lot of confidence and faith … Read more