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Why BecomeSingers?

Why BecomeSingers

We plan to develop this website into a one-stop shop for all of your singing and voice training requirements over time. In our opinion, a singer needs various skills to be successful and evergreen in the music business.

About Us

Becomesingers is Well Known By Others_

We are the most reliable source of information on music careers.

We are frequently cited by a number of well-known websites, including WikipediaNicki SwiftThe Music AmbitionTake Lessons, and others, because of the accuracy of our content.

All of our content is geared toward assisting users in starting their chosen careers while advancing and staying current with music industry advancements.

For the latest news on the hottest trends in the music industry, please keep visiting our page BecomeSingers.com

We also have mostly covered almost all the topics, from Introducing a performance on stage, or the list of songs to get started with your vocal training. You can find it all right here!

If you have any questions, kindly get in touch with me.

Our 'No AI' Policy

Expert writers and editors have created and reviewed every single piece of content on our site. We’ve decided not to use AI when developing our content. While AI is convenient in a pinch, it lacks the originality and creative skill that our writers bring to the table for every buying guide, how-to article, and product review on this site. 

What Makes BecomeSingers Unique?

Unique About BecomeSingers

There are many online tools for learning how to sing and becoming a great singer, but the majority of the ones we’ve seen on other websites are neither properly structured nor user-friendly, which leaves you with no idea of where to begin. 

In order to make your learning enjoyable and successful, we strive to make all of the singing advice and how-to articles as thorough and well-structured as we can.

Author’s Story

Hi, my name is James Mann, and I’m a vocal coach.

I have been involved in singing all my life, performing on stage, joining live bands, as a backup singer for other studio singers, and teaching others on how to improve their singing skills and voice based on their vocal circumstances.

During the initial stage of my singing career, I made massive efforts to master different types of skills that have made me a more competent singer, such as dancing, guitar, piano, and drum.

Besides these, songwriting, music production, music video making, studio setups, and other necessary musical-related skills are also part of my career requirement.

I will share these pieces of knowledge and experiences with you too on this site.

Currently, I work backstage, providing helpful singing resources/guides on this site based on my experience.

I prefer my identity to be kept secret. However, sharing vocal and musical-related knowledge on this site is my real passion now.



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