How to Clean Piano Keys – Step By Step Guide!

How to Clean Piano Keys

Looking to keep your piano looking and sounding its best? Regular maintenance is key. While the piano is a timeless instrument that adds elegance and class to any room, the accumulation of dirt, oils, and debris on the keys can detract from its beauty and … Read more

How to Improvise on Piano – Tips For Beginners

How to Improvise on Piano

When you start playing piano, it’s thrilling to play your favorite songs successfully. However, things change when you try to create something new. This can come in different ways, like being blank when asked to improvise, struggling not to repeat yourself or others, and more.  … Read more

How To Tune A Piano – Easy To Follow Guide

How To Tune A Piano

As a new piano owner, you must know how to tune a piano. A piano is typically tuned twice a year. In this article, you’ll be guided through some simple steps to tune your piano. I’ve worked with pianos for over three decades, and in … Read more

How to Get Rid of a Piano [Recycle, Sell or Throw?]

How to Get Rid of a Piano

So you’ve been staring at your piano for a while now, thinking about how you haven’t played it in who knows how many years and wondering if perhaps it’s time to get rid of it. Or maybe you’re moving, and your new home doesn’t have … Read more

Best 88-Key Digital Pianos – 5 Best Picks

Best 88-key Digital Pianos

So you’re looking for a brand-new 88–key digital piano to complement your space. But how do you choose from the dozens, if not hundreds, of 88-key digital pianos available on the market today? There are plenty of factors to consider before making your purchase, and … Read more

5 Best Digital Pianos under $1000 [Best Buying Guide]

Best Digital Pianos under $1000

If you think $1000 isn’t an adequate budget for a brand-new epic digital piano, you’re highly mistaken. $1000 is more than enough to get you an excellent digital piano that is jam-packed with sounds and effects and delivers exceptional sound. You don’t have to spend … Read more

20 Best Piano Lamps For All Budgets

20 Best Piano Lamps For All Budgets

Pianos are one of the most expensive musical instruments available. While many people opt to learn piano, very few consider the placement of the instrument. Most pianos are placed in rooms where they are not exposed to sunlight. Since this helps maintain its overall condition, … Read more

Best Ways to Learn Piano As a Complete Beginner [Pro Guide]

Learn to play piano online

Most beginners were just struggling to learn their first piano chords. But learning how to play a musical instrument starts with those awkward moments of trying to understand the notes and chords and associating those notes and chords with the correct finger placements. If you … Read more

How to Sing and Play Piano at the Same Time? [Pro Guide]

A singer is singing and playing piano on stage.

If you are just a casual spectator, watching those popular artists like Paul McCartney or Elton John plays the piano while singing at the same, you will surely remark that those artists are doing it pretty effortlessly. Yes, their performances may seem effortless from afar, … Read more

Best Keyboard Pianos With Built-in Looper/Sequencer [Reviewed]

Keyboard Piano Looping

With the fast-paced development in electronics, it is no longer rare to find keyboard workstations that readily integrate sequencers and sound module. These keyboard workstations are indeed veritable “studios-in-a-box.” They allow you to create original music and perform them. They provide high-quality synth sounds, and … Read more

5 Best Small Pianos for Apartments in 2024 [Reviewed]

Apartment with a small piano in a corner.

If you are desirous of learning how to play piano, you would undoubtedly need a piano to practice with, for surely practice would surely enable you to hone your skill. Once you decide, however, to buy one, you’ll be surprised by the vast number of … Read more

10 Best Lighted Keyboard Pianos 2024 [Reviewed]

A photo showing how the lighted piano keyboard works.

We have divided 2 categories of lighted keyboard pianos in this review, as there are some of the best keyboard pianos lighted keys we found that are more suitable for children, whereas some professional models with lighted keys that more suitable for the adult-beginners. Of … Read more