10 Best Lighted Keyboard Pianos 2024 [Reviewed]

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Best Lighted Keyboard Pianos

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We have divided 2 categories of lighted keyboard pianos in this review, as there are some of the best keyboard pianos lighted keys we found that are more suitable for children, whereas some professional models with lighted keys that more suitable for the adult-beginners.

Of course, learning to play the piano requires getting familiar with notes and chords. It also necessitates familiarity with piano keys and lighted keys helps to make learning easy. Moreover, it requires playing the do-re-mi at the onset while developing perfect timing and playing some songs. You can achieve all these by starting with a light-up keyboard piano. 

Lighted keyboards with illuminated keys would surely enable you to get the hang of piano playing. It is fun to use likewise, especially, if you want to enthuse your kids to play the piano. Your kids would surely find different chords easy to follow, especially, if they are learning new songs because the keyboard lights will guide them while playing.

Although others may look at some of the best lighted keyboard piano (with lighted keys) as “kiddish,” playing it is useful for those who are just starting to learn how to play the piano.

Buyer’s Guide: Who Should Use The Light Up Keyboard Piano; Kids or Adult Beginners?

There are some distinct advantages when it comes to using a lighted keyboard piano in learning how to play the piano. Learning how to play the piano surely requires a lot of patience. Plus, you need to spend time and effort in learning it.

So, if you are a father who wants your kid to learn the rudiments of piano playing, you surely need to encourage your kid. One way to encourage your kids to learn piano is to learn to make the learning process fun and exciting. 

Kids, however, have little patience and short attention span. Moreover, most kids would surely find piano (lighted keyboards) playing initially enthusing. Yet, after a couple of practices, they immediately run out of patience, and most of them give up the piano. Thus, only a few persistent kids learn the art of playing the piano.  

So, as a father who wants to encourage your kid to learn the basics of piano playing, you should make playing the piano enjoyable to your kids. Given this, you should provide your kid with a lighted keyboard piano. Why? Because a lighted keyboard piano or lighted keyboards can surely serve as an additional motivation for your kid to play the piano.  

Yet, it is not only the kids that are enthused by lighted keyboard pianos. Even grown-ups adult beginners who would like to learn the rudiments of piano playing are also encouraged to try to play the piano using a lighted-keyboard piano. Thus, lighted pianos are undoubtedly an excellent way to motivate a person to learn the basics of the piano. 

Buyer’s Guide: Features of Lighted Keyboard Piano You Must Know

Although playing the lighted keyboard piano seems to be child play to others, the lighted keyboard piano has all the necessary features of a real keyboard piano. It is packed with style options, hundreds of voices, and several built-in songs.

It is a different kind of digital piano. A digital piano which will help in easy learning and fast growth.

Hence, in actuality, it is a real piano. However, some of them really not touch sensitive. Most of them come with 61 keys.

Of course, if you are a professional pianist, you would surely fret about the lack of touch sensitivity of some lighted keyboards. But if you are just a kid, you will surely not care about whether the keyboard you are playing has touch sensitive keys or not. As you become serious in honing your piano skill, however, you would surely need a touch-sensitive keyboard.

There are other features that you would find in a lighted keyboard such as metronome and connectivity to any computer. It also has several effects that you would surely love to explore.

The main draw of the lighted keyboard for children is its lighted keys. Those flickering and moving lighted keys can immediately draw the attention of inattentive kids and may inspire them to learn piano further. The lighted keyboard likewise is a good practice keyboard for adults who are just learning the rudiments of piano playing. The good thing about a lighted keyboard piano is that from day one, you can immediately start playing a song using this piano.

Even though manufacturer and price range have an impact on features for light-up keyboards, here are some almost all of them have.

Lights on keys – Lights on the keys act like guides for beginners. They let you know which key to press. When you do, the song progresses, and the following keys light up.

Built-in rhythm – Many keyboards come with loops of pre-recorded music in many styles. 

Smart chords – This feature allows you to play a full chord by pressing just a couple of keys.

Pre-recorded songs – Most beginner keyboards come with a series of songs for you to play along with. 

If you would like to buy lighted keyboard piano for your kids or your practicing, you can choose from this list of the best lighted keyboard pianos in the market today. 

Best Keyboard Piano With Light Up Keys

A photo showing how the lighted piano keyboard works.

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Let’s take a look on these top 10 best lighted keyboard pianos we have reviewed below:

1) ONE Smart Keyboard Pro, 88-Key Digital Piano (For Adult Beginners)

The ONE Digital Piano, Portable 88 Keys Piano Keyboard with Hammer Action Keys for Beginner/Professional, Full Size Weighted Keyboard with Music Stand, Teaching LED Lights & Piano App


  • 88 weighted keys.
  • 128-note polyphony.
  • Free video lessons and 4,000 sheets of music are included.


  • Can’t be used with batteries.
  • Expensive.

If you want a lighted-up keyboard that packed with all the digital piano functions, you should consider the ONE Smart Keyboard Pro. It features full-weighted 88 keys that have adjustable touch response keys that indicate which notes you should play. It also features superb built-in speakers. Moreover, it comes with 128 note polyphony

It delivers sound quality that are very much realistic as if you are playing a real acoustic piano. If you are just learning the rudiments of piano playing, you can follow its light-up keys to play music. It has various modes like those of the light-up sheet music, piano games, integrated video lessons, and crash courses.

The ONE Smart Keyboard Pro comes with over 100 free video lessons. These lessons are integrated with lights to enable you to play everything.

These free video lessons start with piano basics to more complicated piano lessons. You can pause, slow down, or rewind any of these lessons and learn them according to your learning pace.

It also features well-designed learning steps using hand gesture videos. It also comes with section exercises. You can immediately play the essential popular songs within a day. It also allows you to choose from among hundreds of sheet music ranging from classical, pop, blues, to jazz. You can use its auto-play feature to get the hang of the melody. 

You can also use the A-B repeats to get a more focus learning and practicing session. Moreover, it is equipped with games that make learning the piano fun and exciting.

You can challenge yourself to score high by hitting those light-up keys to match the accompaniment music.

The ONE Smart Keyboard Pro has a unique design. This unique design allows you to adjust its volume and to change instrument sound freely. It comes with a multi-functional button that makes it easy and convenient to use. 

Its hammer-action keys are commendable. It gives you a realistic feel that you would appreciate. Its 10-layer acoustic samples (used in an acoustic piano), high-grade musical instruments sound output (best sound quality), and 16-bits stereo sampling accuracy make this digital piano a great choice.

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2) Casio LK-S450 61-Key Portable Lighted Keyboard

Casio, 61-Key Portable Keyboard (LK-S450)


  • MIDI connection.
  • More than 600 tones and 200 rhythms.
  • You can use batteries instead of the power adapter.


  • Touch-responsive keys are not weighted.
  • It doesn’t offer many features like lessons, etc.

The Casio portable piano is a wonderful option for children and beginner-level players in need of a portable and affordable keyboard. The LK-S450 model comes with 61 keys that are all touch-responsive, allowing you to control the keyboard’s dynamics.

Since this is a lighted keyboard with sequencer, the lighting system on various keys can help you memorize and learn songs much more easily.

The sound quality of this keyboard is also quite powerful; Casio has modeled it to sound like a German concert piano! This piano features 200 rhythms and 600 tones, thus offering you a wide range of sounds to experiment with, as well as a mini-USB port, so you can connect it to an Android or iOS device, as well as a PC. Additionally, this keyboard connects to the Cordana app, giving you the ability to play any MIDI file. 

3) The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard, 61-Key Portable Keyboard (For Children & Adult Beginners)

The ONE Keyboard Piano, 61 Key Piano Keyboard for Beginner/Professional, Electric Piano w/Lighted Keys, Music Stand & Piano App, Supports USB MIDI/Audio/Microphone/Headphones/Sustain Pedal


  • Almost the same features as the 88-key variant.
  • Usually half the price of the 88-key one.
  • Can be used with batteries or an AC adapter.


  • Only four buttons to operate it, meaning limited functionality.

Another great option that you have is the One Smart Piano Keyboard. It is bedecked with 61 outdoor keys that you can tinker with and practice as a beginner in piano playing. This model is packed with impressive capabilities.

It is lightweight and very portable and will surely allow you to have excellent playing time. It is also equipped with 128 musical sounds. It is undoubtedly an excellent option when shopping around for lighted keyboard piano.

It comes packed with 4,000 sheet music and more than 100 games. Plus, it has videos and many other things that you can enjoy. With the ONE Smart, you can record songs, sounds, music, and tones. It also has MIDI file-inclusion capability so that you can augment your playing capability. It also has a free-learning app that you could utilize to learn piano easily.

This app can easily enable iOS and Android users to learn piano at a remarkably quicker pace easily. You’ll have awesome ease and comfort when learning piano using this lighted keyboard. It also comes with a useful manual that allows you to set up the keyboard and play with it immediately easily. 

4) Yamaha EZ-220 61-Lighted Key Portable Keyboard (For Adult Beginners)

Yamaha EZ220MM EZ Series 61-Key Portable Keyboard


  • I392 instrument voices and 100 music styles.
  • Fully-featured menu navigation.
  • Includes Yamaha Education Suite.


  • Unfortunately, it’s hard to find.

This is another excellent keyboard for practicing your piano lessons and playing some songs for entertaining yourself and other people. As a product of the well-known Yamaha brand, the EZ-220 is a full-size 61 keys touch-sensitive keyboard that is durable and easy to use.

It is also equipped with 100 songs that you could use in honing your piano skill and a demo song for quick learning. It produces high-quality tones, and it is also packed with 392 sterling instrument voices with accompanying 100 styles.

It also includes fingering guide and Yamaha Education Suite. Moreover, it also comes with an EZ-220 Page Turner app for use in iPad. It also has a USB port to let you connect it to your devices or computers. You can then play any songs and repertoire from your computer while you accompany it with this piano.

Its 100 preset styles can be configured in such a way that you could play it as if you are an actual band. This keyboard is undoubtedly an excellent tool to quickly learn how to play piano. 

5) Best Choice Products 61-Key Teaching Electronic Keyboard (For Children & Adult Beginners)

Best Choice Products 61-Key Beginners Complete Electronic Keyboard Piano Set w/Lighted Keys, LCD Screen, Headphones, Stand, Bench, Teaching Modes, Note Stickers, Built-In Speakers - Black


  • 255 music styles.
  • Three teaching modes.
  • USB connection.


  • Some parts of the set are not very durable, like the stand.
  • Its synthetic sounds aren’t the best.

The good thing about modern technology is that it keeps on improving and innovating throughout time. Unlike in the past, wherein you had to meticulously learn the rudiments of piano under the tutelage of a great master, at present, you must buy a lighted keyboard piano to learn the rudiments of piano playing.

It is perfect for tyros in piano playing and is packed with awesome electronic keyboard features with multiple learning modes and keys that light up when playing a song. This keyboard is a ready-to-play instrument out of the box. It comes with an adjustable keyboard stand or a music stand and a stool.

It also comes with a built-in recorder, rhythm programmer, playback function, and many other sterling features. Aside from its 61 keys and 255 timbers and rhythms, it is also packed with 50 demo songs with eight types of percussions.

Moreover, it also comes with three teaching features and modes, namely, one-key, follows, and ensemble. Its light-up keys and its recorder enables you to engage in playback mode. Moreover, it has a LED display, music player, rhythm programmer, and music stand and headphones.

6) Casio LK-265 (For Adult Beginners)


  • Includes Chordana Play, an app to enhance fun while learning
  • Digital effects such as reverb.
  • 400 sounds.


  • Low polyphony of 48 simultaneous sounds.

The Casio LK-265 is a portable piano that is lightweight and compact. It comes with a rugged design that allows you to make music anywhere you like because you can power it with batteries.

Nevertheless, it also comes with an AC adapter. It features 400 tones, along with 150 rhythms. It uses built-in speakers to power up its music.

Moreover, you can connect it with your headphones, allowing you to play quietly. With its Dance Music Mode, just like the Casio LK-250 model, you can create music and remix some electronic dance music.

It also features various drumbeats, bass lines, synth parts. Furthermore, it also comes with filter, low-fi, gate, roll, flanger, and many other effects. 

Casio LK-265 is easy and fun to use with its intuitive lessons (step-up), plus, its lighted keys facilitate the learning of its built-in 60 songs.

However, when buying this keyboard, one caveat is that it doesn’t have a great sound engine for producing great audio. So, if you intend to utilize it for a concert, it will not be a good option. Yet, for starters, this keyboard is a good option.

If you are learning from a piano teacher, you can also take this keyboard piano with you to them.

7) Casio LK-S250 61-Key Premium Lighted Keyboard (For Adult Beginners)

Casio LK-S250 61-Key Premium Lighted Keyboard Pack with Stand, Headphones & Power Supply (CAS LKS250 PPK)


  • One of the most compact choices, being 30% smaller than the LK-265.
  • 16 hours of battery life.
  • It has a simple control panel that offers the same options as its bigger sibling.


  • Features the same polyphony as the LK-265.
  • You can’t record songs to the device.

The Casio LK-S250 is the latest in the series of Casio’s light-up models. It is also the most compact and portable piano you can buy right now. With its compact design, you can bring it anywhere, letting you play anywhere and anytime. It is the one of the best small pianos for apartment.

The keys of Casio LK-S250 are touch-responsive and comes in 61 full-size piano keys. You will find the piano easy to play with its lighting system. Moreover, it sounds great (best sound quality) and comes with sixty built-in songs. It also features a voice-guided lesson system. 

Furthermore, It also include four hundred tones and seventy-seven accompaniment rhythms. Plus, it comes with ten reverb types for added depth to the sound. It also comes with a Dance Music Mode function that lets you create music and remix EDM tracks. You can use the keys as triggers for drum loops, synth parts, basslines, transitions, and effects.  

It comes with built-in speakers to let your friends listen to how you play. You can also plug your headphones to its headphone port to let you play and listen quietly to your music. It also comes with 1/8″ audio input to let you play songs from your device. It also comes with 1/4″ mic input, allowing you to add voice to your mix. 

You can also connect it to the Chordana Play app. You can also download songs from MIDI files. It also features a USB port to let you connect the keyboard to your PC, Mac, iOs, and Android device without needing any driver.

8) Vangoa VGK-6200 (For Adult Beginners)

Folding Piano, Portable 88 Key Full Size Foldable Keyboard Piano Semi-Weighted Bluetooth with Light up Keys, Sustain Pedal and Handbag, Black, by Vangoa


  • 500 sounds and 300 rhythms.
  • Foldable for easy transport and storage.
  • Includes a rechargeable lithium battery with up to 12 hours of battery life.


  • Some users claim it has poor durability.
  • Instrument sounds aren’t the best quality.

If you’re an adult beginner in piano playing, you can check out the Vangoa VGK-6200. The Vangoa VGK-6200 comes with 61 full-size keys for easy learning of instrument scale and correct finger spacing. You can connect your support pedal to it to get you the feel of playing an actual piano. 

It comes with an LCD screen to let you easily read the modes and features. It also comes with an intelligent identifier that lets you know the finger you should use to press the key, identifying the exact key position.

It also comes with note symbols mark on the musical notation that could help you recall the notation that corresponds to the sound which is a mark of a good sound quality. 

Vangoa VGK-6200 stereo speaker offers tons of sound with its 500 timbres, 40 demo songs, 300 rhythms, and 61 percussions.

It also comes with a microphone to let you record your music and play them back afterward. Moreover, it comes with a headphone port to let you study hard and concentrate more on your piano study without disturbing others.

9) Vangoa VGK611 Electronic Keyboard Piano (For Adult Beginners)

Vangoa VGK611 Piano Keyboard for Beginner, 61 Keys Electric Keyboard Piano Portable Music Keyboard with Mini Lighted Keys, Electronic Piano for Kids Boy Girl, White


  • Ideal for children thanks to its small spacing.
  • Game-like teaching modes are available.
  • Record and playback your sessions.


  • It’s a small keyboard for regular adults.
  • Unlike the VGK-6200, it doesn’t come with a built-in battery.

If you’re looking for a perfect keyboard piano for kids (light up keyboards), you can check out the Vangoa VGK611. With its LED Lighted-key, your kids will find their piano practice fun and easy.

Its keys light up when you play a demo song, allowing your kids to remember the scales and chords quickly, and letting them master songs rapidly. Its mini keys, however, are not weighted. Its keys also come with small finger spacing. 

The good thing about Vangoa VGK611 is that it comes with 350 timbres and rhythms along with 30 demo songs and 8 percussions. Its set also comes with a microphone gift that allows your kids to record music and play it back.

10) LAGRIMA 61-Key Electric Keyboard Piano (For Children)

LAGRIMA LAG-300 61 Key Portable Electric Keyboard Piano w/ 3-step Teaching, Built In Speakers, Digital Display, Microphone, Dual Power Supply, Music Sheet Stand for Beginner (Kid & Adult) Black


  • Connect other devices to it, like microphones.
  • Record your sessions and play them back.


  • Doesn’t have weighted keys.
  • Its teaching system is pretty basic.

LAGRIMA 61 Key comes with a nice design for beginner users and intermediate-level piano players. It provides player with a traditional organ and piano feel. It features a dual power supply system for convenient use. You can power it with AC/DC power or use its power adapter. Hence, you can make use of it anywhere and anytime. 

This traditional piano also comes with a record and playback feature that lets its users record their music and play them afterward. It also features a three steps lesson functionality to let beginners learn to play the piano quickly. It also comes with a volume adjusting system.

With 128 tones and rhythms, with 12 demo songs, you can use them as songs to practice singing during your practicing sessions. It also comes with an optional percussion and drum kit to provide you with the beat.


Here are some common questions about lighted keyboards.

Which Yamaha keyboards have light-up keys?

The Yamaha EZ line has light-up keys. It includes the EZ-220 and the EZ-300. Both have 61 keys but the EZ-300 has more features.

Do beginners need weighted keys?

Weighted keys give you a feel closer to an acoustic piano, but it’s not necessary for beginners. It can help piano players but have little impact on synth players.

Can I learn piano on a 61-key keyboard?

Of course you can! The majority of contemporary songs don’t use the full piano range. Later on, you can upgrade to 88 keys.

Which keyboard piano is best for beginners?

It’s a personal choice, but one of the best lighted keyboard pianos for beginners is the Casio LK-S450 with key lighting.

Does a light-up keyboard use a battery?

Yes, some light-up keyboards can use either a power adapter or batteries. An example of this is The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard.

Does a backlit keyboard heat up?

Backlit keyboards from reputable companies are designed to be comfortable for the player, and won’t emit any noticeable heat.


Two of the best brands when it comes to light-up keyboard pianos are those of Yamaha and Casio. These two companies seem to have perfected the art and science of making digital musical instrument.

The good thing about these two companies is that they always try to innovate digital pianos and try to come up with awesome musical products that feature with the advanced features and functions that you can’t find in other brands.

Their lighted keyboards likewise are inexpensive, making their products affordable to the majority of people who would like to learn the basics of piano playing. 

Most lighted keyboard pianos have 61 keys, and they are less expensive than the professional type of pianos. They are also a better option than the mini-keyboards. Your kids and anyone who like to learn the rudiments of piano playing would surely love to have one of these lighted keyboard pianos in their homes. 

These 61 – 76-keys lighted up pianos are appropriate for those who are just learning the basics of piano playing.

As time goes by and as you get used to piano playing, you will soon no longer make use of the light-up features in favor of a more expert way of playing the piano. After all, there is no longer any use for the lighted keys if you are already a better piano player. 

If you are a more experienced player looking for more advanced 88-key professional piano with lighted up feature, the ONE Smart Keyboard PRO 88-key is the one that you should go for. 

However, I personally found that the Casio LK-S450, Yamaha EZ-220, The One Smart Piano Keyboard-61 keys and Best Choice lighted keyboard pianos are more suitable for beginners and intermediate players.

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    Also, if you hook up to your own music (music or midi file) does it just play through the speakers, or do the lights work with audio files?

    • The 88-key ONE Smart Keyboard Pro is the most advanced full-size keyboard that packed with the professional lighted-up features.


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