What Is The Chorus Of A Song?

A songwriter is writing song with piano in his office.

A chorus is a set of repeated sentiments that follow the verse or pre-chorus of any song. The repetitive section remains the same throughout, and most people use it to come up with the title of their songs. A chorus aims to indicate to the … Read more

How to Write A Love Song?

Singer is write a love song while playing guitar.

Most of us have already heard a love song or two that made us feel emotional. Why? Simply because love songs generally talk about emotions. You would surely swoon to the melody of “Yesterday” by Paul McCarthy and be transported back in time upon hearing … Read more

How To Write A Rap Song

Song writing sheets

You will learn how to write a rap song in this article. Today, rap/hip-hop music is one of the most commonly used forms of poetry. Many rappers are out there, and the only things that distinguish great rappers from amateurs are the type of lyrics … Read more