Justin Timberlake: Most Successful Star Search Singer

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The world-famous Justin Timberlake Star Search singer whose complete name is Justin Randall Timberlake was born in January 1981 as an American pop singer and actor.  Justin has won 6 Grammy Awards and 2 Emmy Awards.  He was born in Tennessee, is the son of Randall Timberlake and Lynn Harless.  Justin has an English origin, and also claims to be of American Indian ancestry.

Justin Timberlake’s Vocal Range & Voice Type

Specifically, Justin Timberlake is a Lyric Tenor, and he possesses a vocal range of 2 notes 3 Octaves, and a semitone (F#2-B5).


Justin Timberlake has a light, young and warm voice that is lithe and equipped for executing vocal runs. Much obliged to a limited extent to its delicacy and in addition, the fluctuated textures that are found all through its range, the voice lends particularly well to synchronizing both with itself and with others. Not merely limited to singing, he additionally can control the voice to reproduce percussive instruments, exhibiting this “beatboxing” on different tracks.

The lower range of Timberlake’s singing voice extends into the second octave, and while navigating it, he exhibits amazing solace. The notes of medium weight here can be hit with a smooth, delicate texture, or with relatively vocal fry, throaty like ring to them.

In the third octave, the voice starts to get more fit quickly and light up altogether. Its lower half is smoky and adjusted, yet as it rises, it goes up against the thin, nasal, relatively metallic sound that is normal for the voice as a whole.

Timberlake is maybe best known for his capacities to sing in falsetto; which begins toward the start of the fifth octave [C5]. His solace in this piece of the range implies he can sing for long stretches inside it without exhaustion, execute melisma here and can hold notes without any problem. Not at all like other male falsettos, which are regularly breezy and light, and also Timberlake had a strong shape that offers numerous attributes, for example, the brazen tone-with the belting range. He is additionally ready to play with the elements of falsetto, which adds to the adaptability of how he can apply it.

In the belting range, the voice winds up stringy, lighter and much more slender. Despite the fact that not unusually intense, the voice has a penetrating quality that takes into account it to stay at the bleeding edge of the track, preventing it from getting to be lost or overwhelmed. During the live performance, his belting voice can pick up a rough edge.


Nasal tone and falsetto substantial singing is not every person’s choice. Additionally, there is a distinction between his modular voices and falsetto which confines how he can navigate these two sections of his voice.

This stunning coordination gives him numerous options on where to sing overwhelming, light, or in the middle, and amid this marathon tune, he covers almost every choice a voice could hope to propagate. To be “free from gravity” ought to be the objective of each voice artist, yet requires some advanced coordination of your vocal strings, pharynx, and larynx.

Thirty-two years old Justin Timberlake is having a flourishing successful year. Visiting with his collection “The 20/20 Experience” he had succeeded to sell one million plus copies. His song Mirrors successfully spent 24 weeks consecutively on the Billboard top ten. From a vocal stance, his voice is crisp and solid. His tunes always rise above the boundaries that most vocalists confront: the breakpoint between the head voice and the chest voice. This permits him the creative opportunity to record eight minutes expanded tunes with indulgent harmonies and vocal tunes.

If you want to learn more about these parts of your voice, please tap on the links, and appreciate a portion of the recordings that I have posted which clarifies these vocal frameworks in detail.

How Justin Timberlake Started His Singing Career?

His early fame came when he had his appearance in Star Search as a contestant, and continued to perform at the Disney Channel TV series entitled The New Mickey Mouse Club.  Here, he was able to meet JC Chasez, his future bandmate.  He rose to fame during the 1990s when he was launched as lead singer of ‘N Sync boy band ‘N Sync.

In the year 2002, Justin Timberlake Star Search singer released his single debut album titled Justified, which was able to get sales of over 7 million copies across the globe.  It was a success, branching-out into hit songs like Rock Your Body and Cry Me a River.  His success continued with the release of his 2nd second single album entitled FutureSex in 2006.

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This album hit number 1 in Billboard’s 200 chart, and spawned into number 1 hit single records; namely, SexyBack, What Goes Around and My Love.  Justin was spotted visiting a studio in London together with Madonna in April 2007, which confirmed the rumor that they were in collaboration with a certain project.

The song entitled 4 Minutes, was 1st sang by Timbaland at Jingle Ball in Philadelphia in December 2007.  However, upon its release in March 2008, that song was declared to be sung by Justin Timberlake Star Search singer and Madonna as a duet, accompanied by Timbaland as backing vocal.

That song was a lead single produced from Madonna’s 11th studio record titled Hard Candy, which contained 4 other song collaborations by Justin.  Later, he appeared in 50 Cent’s 3rd album titled Curtis in 2007.  Together with Timbaland, Justin has a role on a music track named Ayo Technology, which became the 4th single of his album.

A collaboration with Justin Timberlake Star Search singer and T.I. entitled Dead and Gone was launched as his 4th single in 2009.  Sometime in November 2008, news was publicly confirmed that Justin would appear as a guest and come-up with some music tracks on the album of a famous R&B/pop singer named Ciara.  This album was called the Fantasy Ride which was released last May 2009.

Justin participated in Ciara’s 2nd single titled Love Sex Magic, with its video shot sometime in February 2009.  This single hit the international music market reaching number 10 in several countries.  It also reached a peak of becoming number 1 in many countries such as Taiwan, Turkey, and India.

This single got a nomination during the 52nd Grammy Awards for being the Best Pop Collaboration.  That song was the 3rd single in Timbaland’s record album named Shock Value II, which was released sometime in December 2009.  Justin Timberlake Star Search singer was also the co-writer of the song Carry Out and at the same time, performed on it.

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