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The popular Canadian singer of pop-R&B named Justin Drew Bieber who is better known as Justin Bieber has his birthday in March 1994 at London, Ontario.  He was raised in Ontario by his mother whose name is Pattie and who was only 18 when she had justin bieber in her womb.

How Justin Bieber Started His Singing Career?

Pattie was a single mother who raised justin bieber and worked several jobs to support him. As he grew up, he learned to play the piano, trumpet, guitar, and drums. After he turned 12 in early 2007, Justin Bieber sang So Sick for a local singing contest in Stratford and won 2nd place.

His mother contributed much to his popularity by posting a music video of Justin’s musical performance on YouTube.  By popular request, she uploaded more YouTube videos of him singing R&B songs, and soon, his popularity grew on the site.

In 2008, his talent was discovered by Scooter Braun on YouTube, and later became his manager. Scooter Braun then convinced Pattie to let justin bieber go to Atlanta, Georgia to record demo tapes.

He was only 13 at the time. Before he’d finished taping, Bieber had the chance to perform for famous R&B singer Usher, and later, Justin Timberlake. 

Immediately after that, both Timberlake and Usher offered Bieber contracts with them.  However, the young artist decided to sign with the Raymond Braun Media Group. Braun became his manager and Usher his co-producer.

Then, Usher initiated an arrangement to have an audition with Antonio L.A. Def Jam who finally offered him a contract.

justin bieber and his mother moved to Atlanta after this, so he could finish his first studio album. His debut single, One Time, was released on radio while he was still working on the album. The song reached the #12 spot in the Canadian Hot 100 within its first week of release in July 2009. Soon after, it peaked at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. 

Later in the year, the song became popular in the international music market. Justin Bieber’s debut album the second studio album, My World, was released in November 2009, and received a platinum certification in the US.

Bieber is the first music artist to chart seven songs from his debut album in Billboard’s Hot 100. His third studio album was called “Believe” which was also a massive success.

justin bieber was requested to perform at the Someday at Christmas Special by Stevie Wonder in honor of the First Couple at the White House which was aired in December 2009 at TNT, the U.S.

Justine Bieber Baby

TV broadcaster.  He also performed at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. In January 2010, Bieber was given the honor of presenting at the 52nd Grammy Awards. 

Currently, Justin Bieber’s music videos on YouTube have billions of views. In March 2020, Justin Bieber announced his fifth studio album called “Changes”. And then will come his sixth studio album.

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Justin Bieber’s Vocal Range & Voice Type

Justin Bieber’s vocal Range is “A2 – C#5 – F5” with a vocal rating of C. He has a Light lyric baritone vocal type with four notes, 2 octaves, and a semitone.

His most recommended songs are Love Yourself and As Long as You Love Me.

He is in general a tenor. His voice lacks the average solid lows of a baritone, and he can sing his best in the F4-Bb4 range.

My most significant issue, in any case, is that his voice has not a developed sound parallel to his young age and has a continually raspy quality to it. It is not a negative since it fits his songs, but when he tries to project more or add more energy to his voice,  he appears to struggle and does not have that mature sound that would have added another angle to his collection. 

Since he was very young when he first started singing and performing, his fans experienced his vocal shift with him as he entered puberty. This was first seen at the 2011 American Music Awards, while he was performing Pray. Bieber began to get vocal molding training from mentor Jan Smith. Sean Michaels of The Guardian portrayed it as “the greatest danger to his profession” at the time.

Vocal Strengths

Throughout each register, he has a smoky, warm, and light tone. He is a confident vocalist and has a deft voice, equipped for melismas. He can switch consistently between his chest voice and falsetto.

Justin Bieber tries to utilize his lower register sparingly, settling on gentler entries rather than ones that requires a more throw or projection. In any case, he has demonstrated the ability to project his voice down towards B2.

As he goes up, his voice picks up a significantly warmer and lighter texture. During this, he keeps the smoky texture intact which is found in low registers. On the notes up to F4, he does not require any extra effort to maintain because of easiness observed in tenor Tessitura. In the song “Love Yourself” a lighter head voice blend easily takes his voice up till B4.

With the passage of time, his voice started getting more endurance because of the light and sweet falsetto he uses. Bieber has a head voice with a minute feminine edge.

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Vocal Weaknesses

His voice lacks energy and vibrato. It ends up with a nasal & whiny voice when he goes above E4. His lower register is hoarse, and also on a few occasions, his upper-belts are constrained. Musicality is required in his melismas & runs to make his performance enjoyable to the audience. 

It is generally acknowledged that his voice is not in accordance with the required standards of music. Inconsistent sounds are regularly observed in his live performances. 

Also, his current lifestyle does not support his voice and its strengths. It has been noted several times that his voice is losing its hues and often fades out.

Musical style

Bieber’s music is pop, even though he utilizes many R&B styles and components. In 2010, Jody Rosen of Rolling Stone declared that the substance of his music was “putting forth a delicate prologue to the secrets and feelings of grief of pre-adulthood: tunes flushed with sentiments yet prominently free of sex itself.” 

But from that point forward, Bieber steadily changed his creative process, with Peter Gicas of E! describing PYD as “sexed-up.” After his hit in 2015 on Jack Ü’s track Where R Ü Now, Bieber released the EDM-powered collection “Purpose”, a joint effort with Major Lazer, Diplo, and DJ Snake.


Bieber has referred to Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men, Usher and Mariah Carey as his musical role models and inspirations. Bieber further expressed that his World 2.0 was inspired by Justin Timberlake.


Despite facing many critics, Justin Bieber is still one of the most essential voices of our times when it comes to pop music. His style has been developing over time and is largely influenced by the industry’s greatest names.

To fully understand each stylistic phase Justin Bieber has been through, we recommend you listen to his whole discography.

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