Britney Spears: Contralto Vocal Range Singer [Explained]

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The world-famous American entertainer and recording artist, Britney Spears contralto singer, was born in December 1981, at McComb, Mississippi.  Being raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, she started her music career as a kid, doing acting roles in TV shows and stage productions.  Britney is the 2nd child among the children of James Spears and Lynne Bridges Spears.

Britney Spears’s Vocal Range Voice Type

Britney Spears’s Singing voice Vocal Type is Soubrette. Her vocal range is 4 octaves and F#2 F#6.

Vocal Strengths:

Britney Spear’s quality originates from her one of a different vocal timbre. The childlike and nasal sound produced by Britney Spears differentiates her among others, as being in a split of second recognizable. Equipped for melisma like in the Gimme More song, and the capacity to upheld notes like in (Not yet a Woman, I’m not a girl,) along with bounce to various octaves like in (Mona Lisa), Britney has shown capabilities in studios that recommends some aptitude and her unique techniques.

An instantaneously recognizable voice. Britney can control her voice to give it diverse styles while keeping up its signature voice. Her articulation of words likewise gives her a unique vocal styling. Extremely dark low notes joined with a light and breezy head voice, which is sweet, pleasant and enjoyable. Mid-enlisted belts can convey some weight.

She always hit the lower notes by utilizing the vocal fry singing technique. This enables her to produce notes with particular throaty sound in the 2nd octave that is unique from the range altogether. Similarly, at the highest point of Britney’s range, she utilizes this generally to blend and give differentiation to the vocal lyrics. With her modal voice when she hits the lower range, its quality is at a comfortable stage. In this situation, her voice is not capable of being in the nasal point, and it is in that capacity close to “normal” as Britney’s performing voice generally gets. This can be witnessed in “Freakshow /Make Me.”

The tyke like the sound is seen in Britney’s midrange. The nasal timbre then begins to show just like in the song “Ooh La La.” In the song “Work” it is witnessed that her vocal sound is vigorously prepared, automated and clean. In the song “Toxic” her voice sounds milder and adjusted and is more humanlike. In both the songs mentioned above, her voice is consistently in the vocal belting range.

Britney can make a full, darker tone at the lower point of the vocal belt, by suppressing her larynx. This can be seen in the song “Don’t let me be the last to know.” However, it is her nasal arrangement and weight shedding which enables her to extend in 5th octave short of any listenable indications of stress or strain. Relatively translucent, her singing voice is colorless, frosty and light. The Head-dominate blend is taken by her voice just next to the Eb5 mark, creating a gentle sound. This sound is detectably headier and warmer in tone just as in the case of her song “Baby one more time.”

In falsetto and higher range. It is universally palatable because it is delicate, sweet and feminine. Its perfect example is in her song “When I found you.” This ability provides cover to the marmite like tunes which comes below the ranges.

Vocal Weaknesses:

Marvelously nasally voice that gets more slender as it gets higher. Smoking has harmed her voice throughout the years, which is appeared by her overwhelming dependence on auto-tune and lip-syncing. She additionally hasn’t utilized a significant part of the range found in her previous chronicles or recordings. The voice overall can be sound extremely annoying to the ear with its “croaky” qualities.

The all-encompassing tyke like sounded voice can be considered as her strength and weakness also. In spite of the fact that it makes her voice recognizable, but still, it is flimsy, and it makes hard to remain in tune during live performance without any issue.

Singing Career Developments & Achievements

In 1997, she signed a contract with Jive Records which released her debut record, Baby One More Time sometime in 1999.  Britney gained prominence in the popular music industry and culture during her early years in the music industry.  This was eventually followed by wide publicity of her personal life.

Two of her 1st albums made her a very popular pop icon and hit the sales records.  They were, Oops!… I Did It Again and Baby One More Time which became number 1 in international hit songs.  Being known as Britney Spears contralto singer, she had a great influence on the revival of teen pop in the late 1990s.

When 2 of her compilation albums were released, Britney encountered personal struggles in her career to the extent that it became interrupted for a while.  In 2007, the 5th in her studio album entitled Blackout came out, and despite gaining just a petty promotion, it produced hits like Piece of Me and Gimme More.

However, her hospitalization and questionable behavior placed her in a sort of conservatorship in 2008.  As Britney Spears contralto singer, she was able to release her 6th studio album named Circus also in 2008, along with her lead single entitled Womanizer which garnered the top slot in the international chart.

Right after her performance in The Circus with Britney Spears, the Singles Collection, which is one of her greatest hits, was also released featuring the number 1 single “3” in US and Canada.  Britney’s records got sales of more than 100 million copies worldwide that gave her the recognition of being one of the top-selling artists in contemporary music history.

Based on RIA, Britney Spears contralto singer placed 8th among the highest-selling female singers in US having 32 million albums that are all certified.  She also got the recognition as the top-selling female artist for the 1st 10 years of the 21st century, and 5th in the overall record as well.  In June 2010, Britney ranked 3rd in the list of powerful musicians all over the world.

At the same time, she ranked 6th among the 100 Most Influential and Most Powerful celebrities throughout the world as listed by Forbes.  Shortly after her recording career was launched, she became a pop culture icon in international level.  According to Rolling Stone magazine, Britney is among the most controversial music artist in the world today, yet, she’s recognized as one of the most successful female vocalists in the 21st century.

However, her vocal range has always been criticized, resulting to unfavorable comparison between her and Christina Aguilera, her known pop rival.  Even the persona and image of Britney Spears contralto singer is being compared to Christina Aguilera.

If You Are Curious About Britney Spears Baby Voice Too

Britney Spears has numerous qualities that have characterized him as one of the most popular artists in her era since she initially showed up in the spotlight in 1999 with the arrival of her hit single “Baby One More Time.” Among these diverse attributes, one has emerged over the rest: the voice culture or timbre of her voice. Developing on the pop scene in the late 90s, Britney was both hot and feminine – two things were reflected in her nasally, girly performing voice, named the ‘baby voice’ by fans. In any case, is her notable sound her regular performing voice?

In 1997, since the signing with Jive Records, Britney Spears had been singing with an alleged iconic “child voice,” a nasal-sounding, female voice that varies radically from her original or natural voice. Proof from exhibitions ranging over the span of 10 years demonstrates that she has, indeed, been deliberately singing with an alternate voice and has even attempted to do as such while singing live. Fitting in with the singing artist and pop icons, Spears has utilized her baby voice for her 20-year professional career. Most fans loved it, but some just criticised badly about it.

When the new century rolled over, the pop music had become the leading genre in the music industry. Female artists, for example, Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey, and The Spice Girls were the encapsulation of ladies in pop amid the late 90s. Youthful, energetic, sexy and unimaginably girly.

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