Adam Lambert: Best Male Pop Vocal Performance [Explained]

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Adam Lambert singing in live performance.

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Among the great singers, Adam Lambert has the attitude, texture and power in singing just like Michael Jackson, Steve Perry, Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury.  He also possesses a gymnastic profile like that of Labelle and Aguillera.  Being an icon in the music world, he can serenade you with his sweet ballads, and blow you away with his cool funk, electropop, classic rock and soul types of music.

About Adam Lambert

Most of the popular songs rendered by Adam Lambert were co-written by him except for 5 pieces.  He was known to be a professional stage performer for more than 10 years because of his incredible performances.  His full name is Adam Mitchel Lambert who was born in January 1982 in San Diego, California where he grew up in Rancho Penasquitos.  His youth was spent attending Deer Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Mt. Carmel Schools where he joined the choir, stage acting, and a jazz band.

The American singer who was born in January 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana is popularly called Adam Lambert.  His full name is Adam Mitchel Lambert, and aside from being a singer, he’s also known to be a popular actor.  During the 8th season of the world-famous American Idol in May 2009, he was declared as runner-up.

Times magazine distinguished Lambert as a person who belongs to the community of a few openly gay artist in the open mainstream of the society.  Lambert’s parents are Eber Lambert, working with Novatel Wireless as program manager, and Leila, a well-known interior designer.

Adam Lambert’s family relocated to California after he was born together with Neil, his younger brother.  He spent his youth in Rancho Peñasquitos located in San Diego, California.  He attended elementary education at Deer Canyon and continued at Mesa Verde Middle School.  It is in this school where he won the band competition singing “Thriller”, a famous song by Michael Jackson.

During his high school years at Mount Carmel, he was a member of the choir and theater, as well as performing frequently as vocals with “MC Jazz”, the school’s band.  A couple of his outstanding MCHS performances include It’s Only a Paper Moon along with MC Jazz, and Frederic in The Pirates of Penzance.

Adam Lambert followed the Jewish religion of his mother and as such, he had done incredible performances in Jewish events using Hebrew cultural memoirs.  During the 2005 concert as a tribute to assassinated Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, he sang Jewish songs like “Shir LaShalom”. Lambert has also performed on the stage during the Jewish holiday called Yom Kippur, and he attended the Temple of Arts in San Diego.

Adam Lambert’s Singing Career Achievements

Between December 2006 and May 2007, he had the chance to briefly moonlight for The Citizen Vein underground rock band as frontman.  Here, he worked with Steve Sidelnyk, Monte Pittman and Tommy Victor.  In 2005, he met Malcolm Welsford, a producer, who helped him propagate his career in recording.

From the year 2004, he performed regularly at the Zodiac Show and Upright Cabaret, with Carmit Bachar, a member of the Pussycat Dolls, as co-producer.  From 2005 to 2008, Adam Lambert became a performer at the ensemble.  He also played the role of Fiyero during the LA production of Wicked as well as the national tour.

Billboard magazine has confirmed in its May 2009 publication that his solo studio albums would be released in the latter part of 2009.  Lambert was contracted to record the soundtrack entitled “Time for Miracles” to be used for the 2012 disaster movie as a project single, which was finally released in October 2009.

Also in 2009, he won 2 awards; namely, the Teen Choice Award for Variety Star, and the Award for Young Hollywood Artist of the Year.  In December 2009, his five studio albums ranked number 3 in Billboard’s 200 garnering gross sales of 198,000 copies in the US alone for the 1st week of its release.  In 2010, Adam Lambert got a Grammy nomination as the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance during the Grammy Award for his song, “Whataya Want from Me”.

Adam Lambert’s Vocal Range & Voice Type

Based on Adam Lambert’s singing voice, he is more appropriate to be classified as a tenor with a vocal range of 3 octaves and a B2-B5 semitone.

He is very good at controlling and projecting the complex vocal textures. He is capable of applying the melismatic singing technique in the pop song professionally, making his voice culture is so dynamic and vibrant.

Lower Range: He has a deeper and darker vocal talent when singing in the lower range. His lower range is quite solid and stable as he is capable of raising the voice to the higher notes smoothly without any voice break.

Mid Range: His midrange is very stable and rounded with quite established vocal. And most of the time, he always uses the raspy and medium-weight voice for mid-range vocal. The mid-range is quite strong, medium-weighted, and adjusted. This could be utilized with raspier, experimental texture lyrics of “Whataya Want From Me.” It can also be made warmer, sweeter and milder “A loaded smile” contingent upon the desired requirements. This leads with ease into vocal belting range.

Higher Range: The higher range is his major strength. Besides Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert is another singer who is very well-known for using the belt singing technique to leverage his voice in the higher range. And he is capable of hitting the high notes up into the range of the fifth octave.

Vocal Strengths

Adam Lambert possesses a unique vocal to leverage on his singing techniques. He can sustain notes for longer timeframes without faltering in tone or pitch easily without any extra effort. He is a specialist at blending his voice in such a way that all pauses between the registers are not recognizable. Thus, his singing voice is very smooth to the point that you can’t even notice any break on this voice at all.

The strongest vocal skill of Adam Lambert is his belting range. The voice has a versatile quality that enables him to extend his vocal range up to the 5th octaves. However, the tone is very much lighter if contrasted with the lower range. Also, he is capable of hitting into the upper 5th-octave range by blending his vocal with the head voice. And this kind of fuller and stronger high-octave head voice singing is perfectly suitable for the rock genre he is dominating. Thus, the penetrating head voice, which, similar to his remaining

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  2. I’m 67 and I’m in love with your music. My mom who watched you when you were on American Idol loved your music. She has since passed away. Love you


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