Gerard Way’s Vocal Range

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Born on April 9, 1977, Gerard Arthur Way is known best as the co-founder and lead singer of the band, “My Chemical Romance.” This American songwriter, singer, comic book creator, and musician released his solo debut album called, “Hesitant Alien” in 2014.

Highest Note: As a punk-pop tenor, Gerard mimics the approach of Freddie Mercury by nailing big times notes in the era of The Black Parade. In My Chemical Romance’s final album, Gerard Way is found hitting E Flat 5 and D5 on “Destroya.” It is suggested fans listen closely to the backing vocals during the chorus to have their minds completely blown.

Lowest Note: In the opening section of the song, “Teenagers,” Gerard hits his lowest note of B2, but his melodies varied during live shows. During his lowest note, Gerard sounds frightening, intimidating, and downright terrifying.

Tenor Voice Type

Vocal Range Sung: G2 to D5

Total Vocal Range Ability: 3 Octaves, 3 Notes, D2-D5

Gerard Way’s Singing Career

During his teenage years, Gerard and his brother, Mikey, found themselves influenced musically by bands like The Smiths, Queen, and Iron Maiden. Mikey Way would eventually be the bassist of the group his brother, Gerard, cofounded. The impressionable teens also found themselves drawn to the music of The Misfits, Black Flag, Danzig, Pulp, Morrissey, and Blur. Originally, Gerard Way dreamed of being a guitarist, ever since his grandmother purchased his first guitar when he was at the tender age of eight. Gerard Way started playing in bands such as Ray Gun Jones. In Nancy Drew, Gerard Way met Ray Toro, who would be in My Chemical Romance with him. Both Nancy Drew and Ray Gun Jones were short-lived gigs, and it wasn’t long until Gerard Way put his music career on hold while he focuses on his art career.

During the attack on September 11, 2001, Gerard Way was working in New York City as an intern for Cartoon Network. He had a firsthand view of the effects the attacks had on New York, which prompted him to change his life and views in the time following the attacks. In an attempt to deal with the emotional trauma of the September 11 attacks, Gerard Way penned the lyrics to the song, “Skylines and Turnstiles.” The song eventually went on to be the first song that My Chemical Romance released to the public.

Gerard Way is accredited for vocally contributing to the following band’s songs:

  • Every Time I Die’s “Kill the Music”
  • Say Anything’s “In Defense of the Genre”
  • Head Automatica’s “Graduation Day”

During interviews, Gerard Way has been documented saying that his art and music were effective outlets for dealing with his chronic depression, drug use, and alcoholism. Through music, he was able to conquer the many demons he battled all of this life. Gerard Way was well known for using his music to deal with the emotional issues he was facing in his daily life. The incredibly personal song, “Helena,” was written about Gerard Way’s grandmother.

Fans were devastated when My Chemical Romance announced their breakup on March 22, 2013. However, fans were delighted when My Chemical Romance announced their reunion on Halloween 2019. The band announced a Los Angeles date and promised a new line of merchandise for fans to take advantage of.

Baby You’re My Haunted House” was released on October 28, 2018, by Gerard Way with his brother, Mikey Way, on bass. YouTube was used to release the official lyric video on the same day, which depicted four musicians dressed as skeletons.

Ray Toro helped Gerard Way write the lyrics to “Getting Down the Germs“, which was released the November after, “Baby You’re My Haunted House.” To the public, Gerard Way stated that the song was a sign of where he was head when it came to his music. His third single, “Dasher” was released in December of 2018. The song even featured the vocal stylings of Lydia Night of The Regrettes. “Dasher” was Christmas themed and about a girl who finds herself in love with a reindeer that she has been absent from for a long time.

Gerard Way reunited with Ray Toro again on January 24, 2019, when they released a cover of “Hazy Shade of Winter“, which was made famous by Simon & Garfunkel. The cover was featured in Netflix’s original series that was an adaptation of, “Umbrella Academy.” Gerard Way and Ray Toro joined forces again on February 8, 2019, to do a cover of “Happy Together” by The Turtles. “Happy Together” was another song that would be featured on “Umbrella Academy.”

Summary and Conclusion

Rather than learning the skill of singing, Gerard Way has a natural talent that is timeless. While his singing talents have gotten better over time, it is still a popular opinion that Gerard Way is a naturally talented singer. Although Gerard Way has been to a vocal coach to help with warm-ups, he has never had any professional singing training or coaching. He has experimented with his sound over the years, which has helped him improve his overall vocals. Many music lovers agree that the music of Gerard Way is not just heard through the ears, but it is also felt in the heart. The voice of Gerard Way is unlike any musician that is currently making music. His unique voice is one of the things that makes him stand out as a musician. Also, Gerard Way is a great frontman because he knows exactly how to get a crowd out of their comfort zones. He is a talented musician who is expected to do great things in the future.

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