Best PA Systems for Singing

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A singer is using PA system speaker to amplify his singing voice.

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Aside from the music that we hear, it is the voice of the singers that is the top crowd drawer in any live musical events. Several viable options are in the market today, such as Prepackaged PA Systems, All-in-one Modular PA Systems, PA Power Amplifiers, Live Sound Mixers, and other systems that can be standalone or would need integration with other music tools.

It is integral in sound production, especially with live performances, that singers would use the best PA system that is available today. The clearer and more vibrant the sound is, the better for the listeners. Conveying messages can be done easily when the audience can hear them crisply.

As performing musicians, particularly that of the vocalists, choosing the best live sound system would result in a rapt audience. Each type of venue has a corresponding match on the PA systems that should be used. It is important to remember that not all live sound system is appropriate for every place.

Buyer Guide: Factors To Consider As A Singer

Importance of Portability and Control

Singers would always put in mind the heavy load that they would transport during live events. One consideration is the portability (portable system), so it also be the best portable PA systems. The traditional public address system would consist of microphones, amplifiers, connecting jacks, and adapters along with huge loudspeakers.  In the past, using massive loudspeakers with multiple amplifiers would mean reinforced volume of sound and wider distribution to reach even the farthest people at the back of a large venue. There is also individual control console equipment needed for live acoustic performance that makes the system even bulkier and would need a bigger space to set up. It requires a bigger vehicle to store and transport as well as a bigger staff to carry them.

Today, there are still huge speakers and amplifiers made for massive arenas or stadiums. However, new technology helped in making them lighter and multifunctional, along with just one central console that can control all the equipment.

Sound Coverage

If singers are picky on what equipment to use in every performance, singers should be as meticulous and selective on what to use to be able to sound great from the first row up to the last row of people at the back of the venue. The amazing talent of the voice of the artist would not resonate with the audience if it cannot cut through the backing track or the live playing of the instruments of the band.

Most Recommended PA Systems for Singers

To avoid getting overwhelmed with a plethora of choices, here are some of the best PA systems that are used by most professional singers and musicians.

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1) Fender Passport Event Portable PA System

Fender Passport Event Portable PA Speaker System

Highlight Features: All-in-one PA system, 375 watts, 8 inputs, a Sub output, Separate channel controls, and Bluetooth connectivity.

This is the current version of the Fender Passport Series of their portable PA systems. It has retained all that basic features of its predecessors while fine-tuning some of them and adding more features to create an impressive sound upgraded version. It is one of the best portable PA systems.

The Fender Passport Event Portable PA System offers self-sufficient audio system which one can bring anywhere as it is designed for easy transport. Fender Passport Event Portable PA Systems comes in a suitcase form that can be easily flipped open for set up. A couple of powerful speakers and a multifunctional seven-channel mixer with built-in effects can be found inside the case. It weighs around 57.5 pounds that is easy to operate and without complicated menus. This Portable PA System runs in 375 watts of power using the universal voltage of 100V-120V/220V-240V along with Stereo 1/8″ input and output. This is the best PA system because it also has mic/line XLR 1/4″ inputs and guitar Hi-Z 1/4″ inputs.

This is Bluetooth-ready for seamless integration with whatever audio devices it has to be connected with. It is also the best portable PA systems to use during meetings, seminars, presentations, sporting events in school, and coffeehouses along with small gigs, parties, and clubs.

2) TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150

Highlight Features: 2-Way Coaxial Tannoy speaker, 150W, 3-Channel Digital Mixer, and Mic-stand mount.

The TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 is often regarded as a personal PA system with its 6.5″ 2-way coaxial driver Tannoy loudspeaker that runs in 150 watts. This highly reputable technology from Tannoy will help the singer hear his own vocals distinctively, even with accompanying music. Its vocal processing technology is truly top-tier as it can cut through even on the loudest stage. Singers would not have a problem with self-monitoring.

Modifying the sound parameters is easy even while performing live on stage by using the fast editing controls. There is a multifunctional knob where fine-tuning the sound can be done effortlessly. It has a 9 recording studio quality Reverb styles to choose from with EQ compression and de-essing to enhance the quality of the vocals while reducing piercing “t” sound or sibilance and blend well with the music.

It was designed in such a way that there is no assembly needed. You only need to choose if you want it standalone or placed on a desk, and you are ready to go. If you prefer to set it up with a mic stand, it can be done within seconds with the Easy Grip Mounting System.

It only does wonders on the vocals as TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 can also maintain a deep bass when an instrument like a acoustic guitar is being played. There is a Full Range Flat Response feature that caters to this performance in the system. It also works well with other vocal processors and pedals by using the TC HELICON voice effects, including but not limited to Choir, Doubling, Echo, Flanger, HardTune, and Harmony.

Using this PA system is quite intuitive as there is no need to read the manual of instruction even if it is just on a single sheet of paper. Everything is simple, but if you want to explore more button functions, there is a full manual on the online manufacturer site.

3) Pyle Dual 800 Watt Powered PA Bluetooth Speaker System

Highlight Features: Dual 800 Watt, 2-Way PA Speaker System, FM Radio, Built-in Bluetooth, and USB-ready with SD Card reader.

The Pyle Dual 800 Watt Powered PA Bluetooth Speaker System is impressively full packed with several features. It can serve as an All-in-One Entertainment Sound System running on its powerful 800 watts. The sound system includes a dual speaker towers and an 8″ Woofer and 3.5″ Piezo Tweeter that can handle loud quality music. Those speakers with one active and one in passive mode are ideal for parties and Karaoke events with 2 ¼” mic inputs along with complete range stereo sound reproduction package. The active speaker has a digital display screen along with master volume control for easy monitoring and manipulating with an option to be controlled remotely.

Wireless streaming is another great feature as it is Bluetooth-ready for any integration with other audio devices such as the iPhone, tablets, iPods, Smartphones, and PC. It also has ports for SD cards and flash drives along with FM Radio and RCA cable jacks. USB slots are either for device connectivity or charging port. The Pyle Dual 800 Watt Powered PA Bluetooth Speaker System is an ideal choice for those who need powerful speakers that can deliver excellent sound quality for wireless audio streaming. It comes with a ported enclosure for an added bass response along with a speaker stand mount. The two speakers are sold in 1 set.

4) ION Audio Block Rocker Professional Karaoke Machine

ION Audio Block Rocker (iPA76A) | Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Mic, Radio, and Wheels & Handle for Transport

Highlight Features: 50-hour rechargeable battery power, Bluetooth connectivity, USB power bank charging port, AM/FM Radio connectivity, and portable case with wheels.

Not every singer has the same preferences whenever they need to have a PA system for their singing gigs. However, ION Audio Block Rocker Professional Karaoke Machine portable PA systems practically has everything when it comes to doing Karaoke. 

The 8-inch speaker system runs through a 50-watt power sound, and when it’s fully charged, it can provide 50 hours of non-stop solid singing and partying. It has a very simple interface with just a plug and play system. It includes a high-quality microphone and cable with the setup. It is also Bluetooth-ready for easy integration with other audio devices. Audio streaming has never been this easy as the sound system is already configured for both iOS and Android app users. It uses Easy Pair technology to effortlessly link any NFC-enabled smartphone with just a single tap on the screen. The USB port also can be used conveniently as a charging port. If your iPhone or other device is Bluetooth-enabled, you can stream music wirelessly from it to the Block Rocker over a distance of up to 50′. (15 m).

The All-in-One Sound System was designed for easy transport with its built-in wheels, telescoping handle, and strong full-metal grill casing. In summary, this is a compact and best portable PA system that singers can use for busking and presentations for small group audience.

5) Sony MHC-V71D High Power One Box Music System with Bluetooth

Highlight Features: Bluetooth and NFC-ready, Built-in CD Player, FM Radio, LED Lighting, Mega Bass, and One Box design.

If you prefer PA equipment without having to explore intricate operating system details, the Sony MHC-V71D High Power One Box Music System with Bluetooth connectivity is another excellent option. Everything that is needed to set up a PA system is included in one box design music system. Along with the powerful sound quality that it offers, there are party LED lights on the speaker area that blend well with the tempo of the music. Creating a party ambiance will never be a problem. 

It uses a Live Sound technology wherein it can spread the sound throughout the place without losing quality. The angled speakers were designed to cover a wider area, and the spread sound generator helps in directing the audio all over the venue, with everyone hearing the same quality of sound.

There are two mic inputs so that it can be used by two people, and singing duets is possible. And you can also combine two microphones into one. It can also serve as an input jack for a acoustic guitar player, and the system will serve as the guitar amplifier. It offers three modes for acoustic guitar playing – Clean, Overdrive, and Bass. DJs can also spin music as it produces several DJ effects and samplers. All of it can be customized to your party theme.

If it would be used in a larger venue, connecting to other sound systems will not be a problem as it is Bluetooth-ready. However, I found that it’s only suitable for small outdoor or indoor events if you want to use it as the standalone PA system that power the whole area. 

In the bottom line, you can use the built-in Party Chain feature to add more speakers via Bluetooth connection if you want to cover a larger area.

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