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DJ put 2 microphones on the surface of the DJ Mixer Controller.

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High quality, multi-functional, and portable are the top features a DJ Controller for Karaoke should have. Sure, there are plenty to choose from in the market today, but if you want a worthwhile investment, be smart enough to be informed before ordering anything online or before going to the music store.

Whether it is to be used to provide great entertainment for the whole family during celebrations or for professional use during gigs, the fun during karaoke night would be uninterrupted if you have the right DJ Controller. Avoid any chance to end up as a total failure just because there is not enough microphone inputs, it is not USB-ready, or the sound is muffled or so heavy that it can be overwhelming and unpleasant to the listeners. Over the years, innovations have been made to the Karaoke system that there are now so many features, including mixers and enough mic inputs for industry-grade microphones. Some of these equipment are engineered for easy integration with other media devices.

With all the new technology given to the old Karaoke system, one might think that there is more hardware to bring to set it up. More powerful features do not necessarily mean additional weight and more equipment to be thrown into the rig. Today, fewer cables are needed for the setup, and the gear itself keeps getting smaller and lighter. 

Buyer’s Guide: Key Factors To Consider When Finding A DJ Controller For Karaoke Singing Purposes

Not all DJ Controllers for Karaoke set up are created equal. Some may be built with the same features and functionality but may differ in quality materials or vice versa. Prices are mostly competitive, and the range will depend on how many features they have to match the price tag. 

Most of the time, the budget is the top priority when choosing a DJ controller, but for some people, brand reputation will always take precedence over other factors. It will equate this to the quality of the product. 

Microphones Selection and Mic Inputs

One of the main issues that always come up during Karaoke time is the lack of microphones or even the mic/line inputs. Obviously, one microphone will do the job, but this is Karaoke, in which everyone wants to sing and have fun. Having just a single one is a bummer and disrupts the flow of the party of fun‑loving wannabe singers. The best thing to do is to prepare a couple of microphones and bring a spare mic since there is always that butter‑fingered somebody who will drop it several times during the event. As a DJ, invest in a collection of microphones. Even if there is no Karaoke session, you can easily adapt to any situation, and it may come in handy during an event.

Be sure to have as many mic inputs as possible, although two mic inputs might be enough. People would expect the DJ to provide everything when they hire your services, even if it is not included in your offered service package. Also, partygoers and wannabe singers may want to have some reverb or other effects to create better sound on their microphones. It is good to have some flexibility during those times.

DJ Software and USB Ready

Most DJs are now using laptops or other media devices that are ready for different types of DJ software. See to it that it has a video plugin that can accommodate karaoke format music files. This is a handy feature that makes the whole karaoke gig even more effortless to facilitate. It is smart to choose a DJ controller that is compatible with popular DJ software, including  DJ Serato, Traktor, and Rekordbox DJ, but check if it is also USB-ready. 

That is how you can easily connect more devices such as smartphones and iPods or iPad to access music libraries.

Let us look at some of the best DJ Controller for Karaoke available in the market today.

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Best DJ Controllers for Karaoke

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1) Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3


Highlight Features: Three mic inputs with mic FX, Dual USB Ports, Sound Colour FX, 16 Performance Pads, 4-channel, clear design layout, Serato DJ-ready, Low-latency jog wheels, Slip mode.

This is an upgraded version of the previously released SX2 in which the manufacturer made sure that it is ready for integration with Serato DJ and Flip along with additional impressive features. It has three mic inputs, which is more than enough and mic FX for clear sound output and to incorporate effects such as reverb and filters. The two USB ports are an advantage if there is a need to connect to two devices simultaneously for an easy transition. 

A professional yet clear and straightforward layout design is always preferred to maximize time during performances. Changing colors and its illuminations during the playing of tracks create a great vibe as well as guide the DJ on its playing status. The 4 available inputs would be useful when connecting to turntables, CDJs, speakers, and other gadgets. 

Editing live is such a breeze with the Slip Mode function where you can keep mute the tracks playing through the editing process, and when the jog wheel has been released, the track comes back to the exact moment you stopped. Just like other software-ready DJ controllers, this Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3 comes with the Serato DJ expansion pack voucher but not the software itself.

2) Pioneer Pro DJ DJ Controller (DDJ-1000)

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 4-Deck Rekordbox DJ Controller

Highlight Features: 4-channel, Improved Magvel Fader, Customizable LCD on Jog Display Screen, Full-Sized Jogs, Club Style Layout, 16 Backlit Performance Pads, Sound Color FX, 4 inputs, Rekordbox DJ-ready.

Having a 4-channel Pioneer Pro DJ DJ Controller (DDJ-1000) would mean more slots to hook it up with other devices such as turntables, iPod, CD players, and the like. The upgraded Magvel crossfader is a nice touch as it delivers better control and offers improved durability for play abuse. Having multiple inputs and outputs for smooth transitions is a great advantage as well as having two mic inputs and two USB ports. Still, this gear can operate as a standalone mixer even without connecting to a laptop. 

The LCD jog display can help with monitoring playback time, waveform, BPM, and playback points along with loop positions. The 16 colorful performance backlit pads are not only great to look at but help in monitoring tracks during layering of effects. To top it off, this DJ controller is lightweight, and transporting it to different venues will not be a problem. It is the perfect gear for serious professional DJs but could be overpowering for some beginners.

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3) Denon DJ MC4000

Highlight Features: 2 mic inputs, 2 channel, 2 Microphone Preamps, USB Audio Interface, Touch activated Jog Wheels, Dedicated Pads, 24-bit, DJ software compatible with Serato DJ, Traktor, Virtual DJ and Algoriddim djay 2.

While this Denon DJ MC4000 is built with Serato DJ integration in mind, it is also universally compatible with other known DJ softwares such as Virtual DJ and Algoriddim djay 2. The gear includes a license key for the Serato DJ (Intro) Lite, and it is a great software to practice with before deciding to upgrade to the Serato DJ Pro version. 

It has a simple ergonomic layout design that is easy to manipulate. There are dedicated function pads with no hidden functions beneath each press, so cueing, sampling, and looping is easier. No chance of getting lost on the function keys as it is placed systematically right on the layout and no complicated instructions to get the job done. The sampling section is an excellent treat for DJs as it has four buttons in the center along with the sample volume control, which offers fast access to instant triggering if you have loads of samples in your collection.

The FX controls on both channels have pitch faders along with microphone effects. Singers would love the flexibility of adding effects on the mic, depending on the music style that they want. There is another mic input that is handy for duets during Karaoke. The touch‑activated jog wheels are perfect for scratching when the need arises. 

Robust casing and overall look given by the solid steel chassis would eliminate worries of damaging the console during transport. 

4) Numark Mixdeck Express

Numark Mixdeck Express | 2-Channel DJ Controller / Standalone Media Player with CD / CD MP3 and USB Playback, Dual Channel Mixer, Multi-Function Jog Wheels and Serato DJ Intro Included

Highlight Features: 2 1/4″ balanced microphone inputs, 3-channel Mixer, 2 Touch-sensitive Jog Wheels, Dual-deck CD Player, USB Ports, Serato DJ-ready.

If there is one feature that makes the Numark Mixdeck Express different from most DJ Controllers is that one can easily play tracks through the USB flashdrive while simultaneously playing from the CD player or the laptop’s music library. The built-in Mixer for the microphones along with a couple of  ¼” balanced mic inputs make it perfect for Karaoke gigs. If another microphone is needed, there are external inputs that can be used for it. There is also a built-in display screen where you can monitor details about the song to make it easier for the switching and layering of effects on it. The two USB thumb drives offer an option to be connected to multiple devices to access more music into the Mixer. Scratching on the platters is quite easy and would catch all the DJs nuances as they are touch-sensitive.  The two substantial backlit displays are a welcome sight, especially in dim-lighted venues. 

There is no need to worry about installing drivers into the gear to make it compliant when connecting to any computer as it is built to be compatible with all Windows and Mac operating systems. All CDs are supported except for CD-RW and enhanced CD, which includes videos, photos, and other apps. It is important to remember that this gear would work best with CDs labeled simply as CD-R and nothing attached to that label. The Serato DJ Intro is included with the equipment.


With these advanced DJ Controllers for Karaoke set up, the use of the EQ functions makes a massive difference during live performances. Whether it is because of how huge or small the venue is or how it was designed, sometimes the sound can be overwhelmingly boomy. The EQ would eliminate noise and make it clearer, whether for speaking or singing purposes. Just a few tweaks on the function knobs, and the sound will come out pleasantly and with clarity. 

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