9 Best Blue Yeti Shock Mounts & Pop Filters [Reviewed]

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Blue yeti mic setup ideas.

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If you’re looking for a topnotch Blue Yeti shock mounts and pop filters, you are in the right place as we are going to reveal and review all the best pop filters and shock mounts that are compatible with the Blue Yeti mics.  If you have already bought your Blue Yeti microphones, and looking forward to upgrading the mic setups, then you need to use them with the compatible accessories. Complemented by these essential Blue Yeti accessories,  you’ll be up and running with your new mic setup to improve your audio recording quality within a minute.   

The good thing about the Yeti shock mount is that it is a standardized and quality. It is no slouch when it comes to performance, and it can be used for professional applications. It is definitely up to the task and can deliver an impressive performance in all types of audio applications. Here are the most popular Blue Yeti shock mounts that you should check out:

A. Best Shock Mounts for Blue Yeti

Basically, a shock mount provides additional protection from damaging the microphone. Still, its fundamental use is to prevent vibrations from affecting the vocal output when sounds are transmitted through the microphone. It may happen when it is being used, accidentally touched, or even with slight stomping on the floor. These vibrations will add a low to mid-range frequency humming or buzzing sound to the output.

Microphones are sensitive to shock and vibrations. Hence, if you are using a mount that is not shock or vibration proof, you may end up with a lot of unnecessary vibrations been picked-up in your recording process. You must use a shock mount that could readily isolate shocks and vibrations. It can provides you with absolute freedom when doing your audio recording. Hence, it would be wise to consider using it to minimize, if not obliterate shocks and vibrations during your audio recording. 

If you’re using Blue Yeti, therefore, you need to complement it with the ever-reliable, high-quality and compatible shock mounts. Here are several models that are available on the market today I personally found to be very suitable to be used with Blue Yeti mic to guide you in the buying process.

These accidental noises can be distracting and annoying during recordings but can be avoidable through the use of the shock mounts. It is constructed in such a way that the elastic bands and spring shape hold the microphone in suspension to absorb and eliminate the vibrations. People also tend to shuffle a lot, and the shock mount would wipe out those sounds from distorting the signal.

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If you got some issues with blue yeti mic then you can check our troubleshooting guide.

1) Blue Radius III

Logitech for Creators Blue Radius III Custom Shockmount for Yeti and Yeti Pro USB Microphones

The Blue Radius III being released just last March of 2018. It is lighter as compared to the Radius II and is perfect for any on-camera streaming. It is customized for isolating vibrations and shocks while recording and streaming live. It perfectly complements the Yeti Pro USB microphones and can readily isolate shock, noise, and vibrations.

It is very portable with dimensions of 9.6 x 7.3 x 2.4 inches and it weighs only 10.1 ounces. It also complements and works well with any standardized microphones. 

2) Blue Radius II

Blue Radius II Microphone Shock Mount for Yeti and Yeti Pro with Improved Hinge Design - Blackout

The Blue Radius II is a customized shock mount manufactured by Blue to complement the Yeti and Yeti Pro USB microphones. It can isolate microphone vibrations, noise, and shock effectively and efficiently. It has a newly improved hinge design that readily locks in place for perfect isolation of shocks and vibrations. It can work well with most of Europe, and US microphone stands.

You can take your streaming and recording productions to a new height using the this shock mount. It perfectly complements almost all the Yeti USB mics.

3) Aluminum Shock Mount (Auphonix PRO)

Auphonix Silver PRO Microphone Shock Mount – Shockmount Compatible w/Blue Yeti, Yeti Pro, & Snowball Mic

Key Features: ISO-X Proprietary Noise Isolation Technology, Quick Set-Up, Portable, Lightweight, Ultra Reinforced.

As the name suggests, AUPHONIX PRO Blue Yeti Shock Mount was specifically designed to match the Blue Yeti products such as Blue Yeti microphone, Pro USB, and Snowball. It does not need an additional adapter to set it up, and it comes with 3/8” and 5/8” size threads to fit any standard US and European microphone arms or poles.

With an affordable price tag, you can enjoy its ISO-X Proprietary Noise Isolation Technology, which removes any possible noise brought by vibration, shock pops, and distortion. Its robust aluminum construction will guarantee any user that it won’t drop and remain sturdy throughout the recording session.

It is quite handy to bring on tour since it is not only compact but also lightweight and portable. It does not take too much space on the luggage or backpack when you go from one place to another and weighs just around 7 ounces.

If you are looking for an afforable shock mount for your Blue Yeti, you can check out the Aluminum Shock Mount by Auphonix. It is reliable despite its cheaper price and works great with the Blue Yeti microphone with the boom arm setup.
This mount is specifically designed for the Yeti microphones. It is capable of isolating mouse banging and keyboard thumping during recordings. It comes with an adapter thread that fits all types of microphones arms, even those of those standardized mics from the US and Europe. It is compact and very lightweight and is not bulky to take up more spaces.

4) Knox Gear Blue Yeti Shock Mount

Knox Gear Shock Mount for Blue Yeti X Microphone

It is also accessory specially designed for the Blue Yeti. It is sturdy and is made of solid metal material along with sturdy rubber bands for sterling durability and reliability. It can efficiently function and isolate shocks and vibrations, noise, and other sounds during recording and streaming live.

It also features a fully adjustable hinge that allows you to position the microphone at any desired angle. It has 3/8” threading that is perfectly compatible with most mics’ boom arms at hand. Its paddled rear stopper readily ensures that the mic is completely held in perfect place during recording. Its high-tension flexible cables are designed for sturdy and long-lasting use. This shock mount is less expensive than the abovementioned shock mounts, but it can perform well as compared to other shock mounts in the market today.

Blue Yeti is a popular microphone because of its accuracy and customization. There are many blue yeti pattern modes, and settings available that you can use.

5) Blue Yeti Shock Mount by Vocalbeat

Vocalbeat Blue Yeti Microphone Shock Mount Mic Holder - Blue Yeti Shock Mount for Anti Vibrations from Quality Aluminum Material - Shockmount Accessories Compatible with Blue Yeti Boom Arm Mic Stand

Key Features: Easy to install, Designed to fit some Blue Yeti mics, Made from sturdy aluminum alloy, Blocks unwanted vibrations, Lightweight, and Portable.

The Blue Yeti Shock Mount by Vocalbeat has been designed to fit Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball microphones. It is not suited for Blue Yeti Nano, and Blue Yeti X microphones, so be sure to check your microphone first. It is capable of eliminating noise and vibrations, resulting in pristine audio recordings.

Instead of wasting time editing the audio after the recording to delete the distracting noises on the background, any user can easily record then upload the video immediately. It comes with the standard 3/8” and 5/8” threads to easily be used with other generic microphone boom arms. The compact and lightweight design makes it a perfect solution for traveling podcaster or gamer.

B. Best Pop Filters for Blue Yeti Microphones

Another great microphone accessory that you should not forget to include in your recording accessories is the pop filter. It enable you to lessen those popping sounds while recording. 

Not everyone is aware of it, but there are certain plosives that come out specifically if we use the P’s and the B’s or anything similar to those sounds when we speak. These speaking noises are referred to as plosives, which are more distinct when using microphones. It also refers to the air that we blow out and hits the microphone. Most singers or speakers tend to lean near the microphone to let their voices resonate clearly, but it also absorbs every little extra sound that comes out of the mouth, which creates a light buzzing sound.

The Blue Yeti Pop Filter acts as a shield to those plosives. It comes in different designs that can easily be installed around the microphone using screws or clips to the microphone stand and the shock mount.

Pop sounds usually occur when you create plosive sounds or when air from your mouth suddenly hits the microphone. Those “P…” & “S…” sounds are annoying and can reduce the quality of your recording. To minimize or even eliminate these “P” and “S” sounds, you should use a quality pop filter, and here is a list of the best pop filters for Blue Yeti microphones:

1) Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter

Blue, as a manufacturer of microphones, has also produced pop filters. One such mic filter is the Blue Pop Universal. It is fittingly called the “pop” and is made entirely of metal. It is lightweight and has screen pop filters to filter the pops during audio recording. It is a bit expensive, but it does its work perfectly. The Pop is designed with a universal windscreen that could be readily used with any microphone. Its mesh and frame are very sturdy and can withstand constant and long-term use. Its dimensions are 7 x 1.25 x 5.5 inches, and it weighs 2 pounds. It can be quickly clamped to the mic stand for perfect positioning.

2) The Premium 6-inch Pop Filter by Auphonix

Auphonix Pop Filter Screen for Microphones - Gooseneck Clamps Compatible with Blue Yeti Microphone - Great Gift

This pop filter can be directly clamped to the Yeti Pro and Blue Yeti without damaging those microphones. There is no drilling of extra hole required; you need to attach this mic filter for it can be easily affixed to the mic stand. It is very sturdy, yet it is also pliable and is easily adjustable. It also features a gooseneck holder that bolster the total weight of the pop filter. It is also reliable and can do the job for you.

3) Foam Windscreen for Blue Yeti

Foam Windscreen for Blue Yeti Microphone - Pop Filter Cover made from Quality Sponge Material that Filters Unwanted Recording and Background Noises - Black Color

This Foam Windscreen is specially designed for Yeti Pro and Blue Yeti. It is also compatible with standard mics on the market today that are up to 2.5 inches in diameter. It is quite easy to use and can be easily clamped to the mic stand. It is made of premium quality acoustic foam and can readily filter unwanted background noises.

It is designed to capture subtle tones while blocking out unwanted sounds and noise. Although it is easy to install, you should be very careful when installing it and avoid pinching the foam for you may accidentally rip while installing it since it is made of foam.

4) WindTech PopGard 2000

The WindTech PopGard 2000 is also one of the quality pop filters for Blue Yeti that can do the job of filtering out unwanted sounds and noises. It attaches using an elastic band and can fittingly wrap around the microphone. It is easy to clean and is very lightweight. It is transparent acoustically and hydrophobic which means it can stop moisture from reaching the microphones. It fits readily with microphones with diameters ranging from 46 to 68 mm. You can surely depend on this filter if you want to filter out unwanted noises and sounds during recording sessions.


With a plethora of choices in microphone accessories available today, it can be tempting to use other generic mounts and filters for your Blue Yeti microphone. It may be less costly to do that, but it cannot guarantee that it would be compatible with the mic, and when it comes to audio recording, the little details do matter a lot. The reason you end up using Blue Yeti microphone is that you want the best possible option for your video recording whether to post on social media apps or for personal use. Do not skimp when buying accessories as the matching Blue Yeti products would ensure audio clarity in your recordings. 


Should I Use Blue’s or Third party Shock Mounts and Pop Filter?

Blue Yeti microphone manufacturers also came out with its official shock mount and pop filter to avoid any guesswork for users. Undoubtedly, these are the best option to use with their products. However, they are a bit costly, and for others, it seemed to be overpriced. The good thing these days is that there are accessories available that were specifically designed to fit popular microphones such as the Blue Yeti. If you have the money to spare, it would be great to match your microphone with accessories from the same brand, but if not, do not fret as there are tons of options in the market today. You just need to find the one that is a perfect match to your Blue Yeti microphone.

Is Blue Yeti Shock Mounts and Pop Filters Necessary?

Anyone can directly use Blue Yeti microphones without the shock mounts and pop filters, but if you want pristine, crystal clear vocal output when you speak, sing, or play, these accessories are a must. 

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