7 Best Microphones for Rappers 2024

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There are many potential issues you must take into consideration when finding the best mics to use in recording the rap vocals or rapping. Based on my experience, I found that the frequency changes is one of the major issues I would like to emphasize. Most of the times, it is caused by the resonances an reflections whenever the rapper covered up the mic with their hands while rapping. When rhyming those words on a live music performance, you will need a quality mic that can record vocals with accuracy.

As a rapper there are so many things that you must put into consideration when choosing the best microphone for singing rap song.  Rap music often involves more “sss” and “pop” sounds that don’t record well with any typical mic. If you want to excel in your rap career, you must choose the right rap mic specifically made for recording rap vocals.

Buying Guide for Rap Vocal Microphones

Below are the most important factors and tips that you need to consider when looking for the best microphone for rapping.

1) Budget

Quality products come with their own price tag and if you want to get that high tech performing mic, then you will have to spend some few dollars. Rap microphones ranges from $30 to a $1000, if you know how much you want to spend, this article will be of great help in narrowing your options. After buying your mic, you will also need some extra accessories such as XLR cable, preamp and a pop filter. For the best purchase, ensure that you include all this items together on your shopping cart if you don’t want to spend more than you had planned.

2) Type of Mic to Use: Dynamic or Condenser?

Basically there are two types of mics, condenser and dynamic mics. These two mics are similar in nature but they have a lot difference in them.

Dynamic mics are considered great for stage performance due to their large pick-up patterns. In the other hand, condenser mics are ideal for recording vocals because of their powerful audio interface. In this review, we are going to concentrate so much on condenser microphones because they are great for recording and they produce an awesome sound quality for rappers.

There are some people who still use dynamic microphones, but in this review we are going to show you why condenser mics still have the best performance on rap vocals. In the 1980’s most rappers used the dynamic mic to record their music and this gave their vocals a boxy sound. People started using the condenser mics in the mid 1990’s and if you compare rap music from the 80’s and 90’s, you will notice that the 90’s vocals were recorded with a much clear and cleaner sound.

3) Other Accessories

Before you can start using your mic, there are several accessories that you will need in order to optimize your setup. Some of the necessary accessories include a pop filter, mic stand and an audio interface. Nowadays, most mics comes with their own accessories and you don’t need to buy them. However if you don’t get all the accessories within the package of your purchased mic, just order them online and they will be delivered to you.

If you are going to use a condenser mic to record your vocals and sounds, just keep in mind that you will also need a powerful phantom power supply that will help to increase the mic performance and overall sound quality.

All condenser mics require power from an external source or battery. For the best performance with your mic, make sure to include a powerful preamp that will help to boost and customize your sound record quality.  A preamp works by taking audio signal from a microphone and giving it a good sonic sound before being transferred to an output speaker or other recording gear. Its role is to create quality sound from a mic or an instrument.

Unlike dynamic mics, all condenser microphones comes with a bigger diaphragm that is highly sensitive to noise and will pick-up any background sounds in a room. In order to improve the quality of your sounds record, you will need a pop filter that will eliminate the “SSS” and the “POP” noise.

Generally, if you want to record great sound and rap vocals, you will have to invest in a home studio or a good rapping setup-environment.  A room that provokes Echo sounds can negatively affect the quality of your recorded sounds. To prevent this from happening, try to invest on a good home studio that features all the requirements of a professional rapping studio.

If you are just starting your rap career or just looking for a reasonable priced microphone, I would suggest that you first get a condenser mic that can give you superb and high quality clear sounds.

Facts You Must Know When Choosing The Most Suitable Mics for Rapping Performance

One of the musical genres that require great microphones that could provide remarkable clarity is that of rap genres. Hence, if you are a rapper, for example, and the microphone you are using is a bit muffled, your enunciation and the rendition of your rap vocals would undoubtedly be significantly diminished. So, when it comes to rapping, you should go for condenser microphones.

Huge diaphragm condenser microphones are great for rap vocals. In fact, most famous rappers choose the huge diaphragm condenser mics for their response pattern to the various types of rapping styles. Here are the most recommended microphones for rappers:

Best Microphones for Rapping

Below are some of the best rap vocal condenser microphones. We don’t have a specific answer to the best microphone that you should use but with the provided information, you will find it quite easy to choose a suitable mic. Any of the listed mics below will record your vocals with a high level of efficiency that you want.

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1) Sony C800GPAC Studio Condenser Microphone

Tube Condensor Microphone

Another great option if you want a good microphone as a rapper is the Sony C-800G. This microphone has been used by famous artists like those of Travis Scott, Drake, and Kanye West. This one is like a clone of the Neumann K67. As a tube mic, it is indeed unique. It sports a dual-diaphragm microphone with varied patterns. 

The Sony C-800G comes with heat sync facets that let the internal tube stay in the recommended recording temperature. If you are an amateur in recording vocals, I guess you should stay away from this microphone. It is better to leave the use of this microphone to the professionals for using it requires expertise.  This is the most high-end and quality condenser mic that designed for the professional rappers.

2) Neumann TLM 102 MT Condenser Microphone, Cardioid

Neumann Vocal Condenser Microphone, Black (TLM 102 MT)

The Neumann TLM 102 MT Condenser Microphone, Cardioid is a large diaphragm microphone that is characterized by cardioid directional feature. It is a new generation microphone that sets the standard when it comes to microphones. Compared to other diaphragm mics, this one is more compact in appearance. It typically combines all the functional components of the other Neumann microphones.

The Neumann TLM 102 MT belongs to the most expensive microphones on the list of microphones for rappers. It is also the real deal. It can replicate in great details the rap audio without a hitch. Moreover, it provides awesome frequency presence, coupled with great vocal transparency. These features of Neumann TLM 102 MT render the rap vocals great clarity and quality. 

The good thing about the Neumann TLM 102 is that it can withstand a maximum pressure of 144 dB SPL, making it ideal with loud instruments. Yet, it functions best when used with vocals. Its peak is around 6kHz. Hence, this mic truly renders great quality for rap vocals. Its quick response captures every word of the rapper sans reducing the rapping to something unappealing. 

Moreover, if you use this microphone, your voice may be peaking up, but it doesn’t sound garbled or sibilant. This is because this mic allows your voice to open up. Thus, it gives an in-your-face rendition of your voice.

The Neumann TLM 102 MT is mounted on a suspension that readily absorbs all the vibrations of the audio. Thus, your voice becomes free of vibrations. This mic also carries a one-inch condenser capsule.

Although the mic is wrapped by a pop screen, an outside pop filter also backs up the slim pop screen. Furthermore, its raw output is still outstanding. Thus, it surely makes the post-production stage of recording easy. 

If your voice is a bit harsh, you will never notice its harshness when it comes out in the audio. It is also very resistant to plosive sounds. Lastly, even if your voice is coming from the sides, it is still coming out clear; thus, this one is an awesome choice for rappers.

3) Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM7B Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone is another great choice when it comes to rapping. It is an all-purpose studio microphone that renders awesome reproductions of the vocals. It is capable of a more excellent range of frequency response producing an exceptionally natural reproduction of speech and music. 

The Shure SM7B also renders awesome mid-range emphasis and bass roll-off controls together with great response setting of graphic display. It has internal shock isolation that is characterized by air suspension. This feature eliminates the transmission of mechanical noise. 

The Shure SM7B also shows high rejection of the so-called electromagnetic hum. Thus, it can optimally shield itself from broadband interference. It has a very effective pop filter. This removes the need for additional protection from the onslaught of plosive sounds.

The only recognizable issue with the Shure SM7B lies on the proximity effect which is quite obvious when you use the Shure SM7B. If you are a rapper who frequently mumbles, this mic may not be the best for you, unless, of course, you would really loudly mumble. To remedy this problem, the SM7B is often equipped with switches that you could turn on or off. These switches are designed explicitly for Presence and HPF. 

4) Rode NT1000 Vocal Condenser Microphone

Rode NT1000 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, Silver

The Rode NT1000 comes in an ultra low noise transformer-less circuitry. It built with heavy-duty cast metal and high strength heat treated mesh head.  It use Hf2 one inch capsule with a golden plated diaphragm. And it is Cardioid polar-pattern vocal mic.

With ultra low 6dBA and transform-less circuitry, this mic exhibits exceptional performance and can be used to record both instruments and rap vocals.

5) Rode NT1A

Rode NT1-A Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The NT1A is a valued mic that offers exceptional features at a fraction of the price. This mic is ideal for live performance, home studio projects and professional studio applications. Its sound record quality is very professional and we recommend it to any upcoming artist that would like to record vocals with a high performance mic. Equipped with a 10dB pad and a 80Hz, the NT1A mic handles high sound pressure levels with ease. If you are looking for the best mic for rap vocals, we wound recommend you to go for this mic. The NT1A is a very durable mic that can last for years if well maintained.

It is capable of delivering very warm sounds because of its high SPL capability and extended dynamic range. It is also characterized by awesome self-noise level; hence, this one is really a microphone capable of excellent filtering of noise for its level is only 5dBA. 

Its low noise capability marks this microphone as ideal for vocal recordings. It comes with every feature that could make your vocal recordings very professional. It also comes with a pop-shield of studio-grade together with a cable that is around 20′ long. Moreover, it comes with an instructional video and a dust cover.  

It comes with a large diaphragm for smooth, low noise and natural sound. And it is cardioid polar-pattern mic that can reduces pickup sounds from the rear and sides, improving sound quality.

6) Audio Technica AT-2035 Condenser Mic

Audio-Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Bundle with Pop Filter with 2 Layered Mesh and 10-foot XLR Cable

The Audio Technica AT-2035 mic is designed for professional studio applications, live performance and critical home studio projects. Its large diaphragm cardioid enables it to deliver exceptional high quality records with low noise. The mic comes equipped with 10db pad and switchable 80Hz that handles pressure with ease. This mic is ideal for recording rap vocals since it’s capable of recording harmonics.

If you sing rap music, this mic can offer you exceptional voice recording qualities. It can also offer quality sound output for new rappers that are practicing their new rap skills and vocals. Generally this mic is very good for recording vocals, even though it’s very sensitive in picking-up background noise, you can still use it to record sounds in a quiet room.

7) Audio Technica AT-2020

Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone, Ideal for Project/Home Studio Applications,Black

The Technica AT 2020 stringent quality set the mic high in its class. With rugged construction that enables durable performance, this mic offers a wide dynamic range that handle high SPLs with ease. The mic comes with a low mass diaphragm that is custom engineered to provide superior transient response and extended frequency response.

This mic comes with a cardioid polar pattern that helps to reduce pick-up of sound from the rear and sides. Its wide dynamic range provides unmatched versatility.The mic is ideal for home studio applications and projects. It also comes in a custom engineered low mass diaphragm that provides extended frequency response.

In my opinion, this mic offers superb sound record qualities. It’s a budget friendly microphone that offers a lot of amazing features with a fraction of a price. The AT2020 frequency is very wide and can handle 20 to 20,000 Hz (20KHz) that is perfect for rapping vocals.


Generally, all of the above mics are great for any upcoming rapper to use. If you are looking for suitable microphone to buy, just compare different mics from the above review and choose one that is in your own price range or budget. Once you start rapping or singing on a mic, you will start to understand how different mics works and how they differ from one another.

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