Best Tablet & iPad Mic Stand Mounts 2024

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Types of mic stand tablet mounts for singers and musicians use.

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Using your tablet or iPad has been made more convenient by the mic stand mount that frees your hands when practicing with your musical instrument, performing live, or whatever it is that you use your gadget for. With a wide selection available, there are things you need to consider as you look into the features of the tablet holder and mount.

You might need an iPad mic stand mount if you want to have access to iPad while singing or performing in front of the music stand. Let’s imagine how convenient it will be if you can use your iPad while performing; you can keep all the music sheets in your iPad, and able to look at the music sheet or lyrics while singing on stage.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors To Consider When Buying A Stand Mount


How flexible is it? Make sure you can adjust the holder to position it according to your needs. Check how far you can move, tilt, or rotate the item to know the different viewing angles that it will allow. You should not be the one adjusting your position just to see the screen clearly.


How secure is your gadget? Know the dimensions of the tablet and holder, so you will know if it is compatible. The fit must be tight enough so you can move it without worry. Know the minimum and maximum clamping width to determine if it can be fastened to your table, counter, or microphone stand securely and easily.


How sturdy is it? The holder and mount should be durable so it will be able to withstand or endure continuous use as you are likely to keep on changing the tilt or angle whenever you use it as well as store and transport it.

Ease of Use

How easy or difficult is it to use? You should check how to insert or remove your gadget from the holder as well as how to clip or attach it to the mic stand or table and make sure that it will be simple enough so it would not be an inconvenience every time you set it up.

Types of Tablet / iPad Mount You Should Consider?

1) Ipad Mic Stand Mount VS Dedicated Ipad Mount Stand?

As a singer, I alway prefer to mount my iPad on the microphone stand. I love to make the area in front of me tidy and clear during live singing performance rather than having two standing setups in front of me. Based on my previous experience, It makes me felt very uncomfortable because it blocked my vision, and I found that I was having some difficulties to interact with the audience while singing.

2) Adjustable Tablet Mounts (Compatible With All Tablet Sizes) VS Fixed/ iPads Dedicated Mounts (For Ipad Only)

Should you buy the tablet microphone stands mount that is only made for iPad or 9.7″ iPad Pro size?

Or should you buy the one that all universally fits all sizes of tablets such as Samsung, Apple Ipad Mini and some of them even adjustable to handle smaller devices such as iPhone and other mobile devices?

If you are a die-hard Apple fan, and Ipad or Apple Ipad Pro are the only tablets you are going to use over the next decade. But, the problem is that the Ipad size would change upon the next model release in few years time. Therefore, I still prefer to use the Adjustable Ipad mic stand that will fit for different sizes of tablets.

Who Should Use An Tablet/iPad Microphone Stand Mount?

1) Singers

What could you do to prevent yourself from forgetting the lyrics/ words to your song during a performance? For some singers, it could be the worse things ever happened in their singing career. It will make you looked very unprofessional if you just started singing.

2) Guitarists

For Guitarist, It is extremely helpful to use it with a floor standing boom mic. You can clip the Ipad mount at the middle of the mic stand and points the boom mic near to your mouth/guitar for a better position. This set up allows you to read the music sheet while playing guitar and singing at the same time.

3) Speakers

It’s a very helpful tool for speakers who have to speak on the long presentation without worrying about missing important notes and points.

4) Bands

Most band members prefer to use iPads or iPhones to store their set lists and songbooks. To make the most the songbooks and music sheets in your iPad, I would suggest that you can get the iPad/tablet microphone stand mounts for all your band members. It’s very useful during the live performance. All the Songbooks, music sheets, set lists can be synced together among all the members’ iPads. That is the way to make your live performance more efficient without worrying about any possibility that any member will miss a single note.

5) Musicians

Many musicians, nowadays, are finding the iPad a great help in their musical endeavors. The reason for this is that an iPad can be equipped with various applications like the TouchOSC that could be readily used as wireless MIDI controllers. Moreover, you can readily make use of this gadget for mixing sounds. Thus, with a tablet at hand, you can surely have greater control of your digital mix.

Recommended Mic Stand Mounts For Tablets and Ipad

We have done our fair share of research to come up with the best list of tablet holder for mic stand on the market today. The mic stand tablet holders that we will be reviewing below are only compatible with 7″ up to 12.1″ tablets, including:

  • Apple iPad Mini
  • Apple iPad Pro
  • iPad iPad 6, 5, 4, 3, 2
  • iPad Air
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Microsoft Surface Book Tablet
  • Google nexus 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
  • Asus MeMo Pad
  • VivoTab
  • Acer Iconia
  • Blackberry Playbook
  • Toshiba Thrive Excite
  • And More…

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1) TACKFORM Tablet Mount for Microphone Stand

Tackform Tablet Mount for Microphone Stand - Professional Grade Holder - Compatible with iPad, Galaxy Tab, and More.

The TACKFORM Tablet Mount for Microphone Stand is produced by a trusted company the Tackform which is headquartered in Chicago. The design of this mount is superb and is meant to withstand even the toughest conditions. 

The Tackform tablet mount will also clamp to different types of surfaces, and it works well for any music stand. You can clamp this to any flat surface. You can adjust it three ways, and it is easily adjustable for perfect viewing perspective.

It has sterling functionalities. Its mount is definitely device compatible. It can accommodate any type of tablets, especially, those tablets whose screen sizes range between 7″ and 18.4.” and with a width that ranges between 6.25″ and 10.5″.

It also features a rubber grip with awesome grooves inside its cradle arms that do not damage the surface of the gadget. Thus, with this mount, your tablet will surely be safely secured.

2) ChargerCity Heavy Duty 4-Way Multi-Joint Adjust Aluminum Alloy Pole/Bar Music Mic Microphone Stand Clamp

ChargerCity Heavy Duty 4-Way Multi Adjust Aluminum Alloy Pole/Bar Music Mic Microphone Stand Clamp Mount for iPad Pro Air Mini Galaxy Surface Pro 7-12" Tablets (Good for Live Video Streaming Also)

It’s a stylish tablet mic stand mount that will fit with all the tablet devices sized from 7″ up to 12″. Similar to the iKlip; it fits most of the tablets except the 12.9″ Apple iPad Pro. And with similar features of adjustable viewing angle and orientation positions in landscape or portrait.

You can mount it on the mic boom that is up to 50.8mm (2 inches) in diameter. The mounting gap is wide enough to be installed on the flat-edged tables, pianos, counters, desks and even the bed pole bars.

This ChargerCity tablet mic or music stands mount/holder is more innovative and advanced than the iKlip as its aluminum interchangeable arm can be extended and adjusted from 6 to 10 inches. This feature alone will give you more adjusting and positioning possibilities around the 360 degrees rotation range.

3) IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand Universal Mic Stand Support For iPad and Tablets

IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand Tablet Holder for mic Stands, fits iPad and Android Tablets Between 7" to 12.9" with an Adjustable 360° Swivel and Soft-Touch fit

The iKlip Xpand is an adjustable mic stand mount that is compatible with most types of tablets in size from 7″ to 12.1″. For sure, it will fit your iPad Mini, iPad, 9.7″ iPad Pro, Galaxy Tab 2 and other tablets that fall within this size range. Unfortunately, It wouldn’t fit the 12.9″ Apple iPad Pro.

You can adjust its viewing angle and viewing orientation in landscape or portrait positions. The adjustable universal mic or music stand clamp mount / tablet holder can be installed on the mic stands boom that is up to 30mm (1.2 inches) diameter.

The built-in rubber padded base and rubber grip points on all the four corners of the grips will support your tablet firmly without scratching it.

4) Hercules Tablet Holder DG305B

Hercules Stands DG307B 2-in-1 Tablet and Phone Holder

The Hercules Tablet Holder DG305B is smaller than other tablet mic-stand mounts, but it is undoubtedly of exceptional quality. It is an universal mic stand mount with folded size of 200 mm x 90 mm and maximum load capacity of 11 lbs. Its design is great for accommodating any type of tablets. It comes with durable clamps that can keep the tablet firmly in place. This mount is also easy to set up and is characterized by decent adjustability. Thus, you can readily adjust it to let you see the audience while performing onstage.  

The Hercules Tablet Holder DG305B is made of molded plastic; thus, it is surely lightweight. It is only 1.1 pounds and comes with a reasonable warranty. Its dimensions are 6.3 x 4.5 x 10.8 inches. Despite its lightweight feature, it is surely durable. Moreover, its being lightweight makes for great portability. 

Another noteworthy advantage of buying this iPad mic stand mount is that it is affordable compared to other brands of mounts. Yet, it offers great value for its price. It may not be the best option on the market today, but it does its job of holding up any type of tablets.

5) ChargerCity 360° Rotation 12″ Bendy Tough Metal Music Mic Microphone Stand Mount

ChargerCity Music Mic Microphone Stand Tablet Mount with 360° Swivel Adjust Holder for Apple iPad Pro Air Mini Google Nexus Samsung Galaxy Tab Surface Pro/Book (iPad & Stand is not Included)

Any 7″ to 12″ tablet can fit and be properly secured with the strong lock spring-loaded holder and its support legs (4 long and 4 short) that are adjustable. You can move the legs left or right to accommodate the size of your screen tablet and to ensure that the camera is not blocked. Ideally, you use two long legs at the bottom, and two short ones at the top, then insert or slide the device horizontally into the holder. 

You can easily bend its 12-inch flexible neck to position it vertically, horizontally, or whatever way you want to adjust the angle for best viewing. The c-clamp base is used to fasten it to a table or mic stand, and it has two settings: the default setting has a clamping width of 1.25 inch to 2.50 inch, and the second setting has a clamping width of 0.5 inch to 1.75 inch. ChargerCity 360° is compatible with all iPad generations and other tablets.

6) Hola! Music HM-MTH Microphone Music Stand Tablet/Smartphone Holder Mount

Speaker and Microphone Stand Gig Bag by Hola! Music, Dual Compartment, 50 Inch Long with Shoulder Strap

Hola! Music HM-MTH Microphone Music Stand Mount is an excellent choice if you are under budget constraint. It is perfect for supporting your iPad during your performance on stage. It can hold devices with sizes that range between 6″ to 15″.

The design of this item is quite good despite its lower price. It is easy to use by readily clamping your tablet using its clamp or by directly mounting the tablet mount to the stand’s threads. It can swivel up to 360 degrees for landscape or portrait viewing. You can also readily adjust or tilt this mount to get the perfect angle.

7) K&M Stands 19714 iPad Air Microphone Stand Mount

K&M Konig & Meyer 19714.500.55 iPad Air Holder for Microphone Stand | ⅝” Thread Mount | Switch from Landscape to Portrait | Studio Musician | Work Remote | German Made | Black

With this brand and model, you can clip your iPad Air 1 (without the case) into and out of the holder effortlessly. The 11.8 x 9 x 4-inch mount can easily but tightly and securely hold your iPad in place with the wing nut allowing 0 to 90-degree tilt so you can adjust its position to your satisfaction. You can rotate the holder for portrait or landscape viewing of the screen tablet without fear of falling off or sliding. Its 5/8″ internal thread enables you to fasten it to a standard microphone stand without difficulty.


In my opinion, I would suggest that you can go for the universal mount as it will fit any types tablet. All mounts that we have reviewed above comes with the basic features that most users need. However, The TrackForm and ChargerCity mounts do pack with the additional one powerful feature that I like the most. That’s the interchangeable arm that can be extended up to 10″ inches long. In fact, with this interchangeable arm, you can use it on the many applications such as on mic stands, desks, bars, and even pianos. The Track form and ChargerCity mounts are made for the heavy-duty and more professional usages.

In my opinion, If you merely use it on the mic stand, you can go for the iklip Xpand, Hercules DG305B and Hola! Music HM-MTH instead. However, if you want to use it in many applications and circumstances, then the TrackForm and CityCharger Mic stand mounts would the option you should opt for.

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