Best Home Recording Studio Desks & Workstations 2024

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2024)

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As you get busy with the choice of the recording equipment that are critical to the efficiency of your recording studio, sometimes it happens that you would tend to mellow down in your choice of recording studio desk. Contrariwise, however, the studio desk furniture plays a crucial role in the studio setup, and if you are intent on creating a highly functional recording studio, you need to choose well.

We all know that recording in a recording studio other than a home recording studio comes with many hassles. First, you need to book a schedule for that studio. Second, you need to travel to that studio. Third, you are sometimes time-constrained to finish your recording session quickly.

Having a home recording studio, on the other hand, always comes with significant advantages for budding as well as well-established musicians. First, you can record new songs without time constraints. Second, it is convenient for you. Third, every time you have inspiration, you can readily set up your home studio to record songs. Moreover, it is readily accessible. Lastly, you have ample time to mix and remix your recordings. 

Buyer’s Guide: Factors To Consider When Choosing an Ideal Studio Desk

Recording studio necessitates a workstation desk that could address the critical functions that a studio desk usually performs within the studio. Hence, you should clearly understand the critical functions that you want your desk to perform. Knowing these vital functions would help you figure out the essential details that you would like your studio desk to have.

You definitely need to consider these critical details that a recording desk should have such as those of the valuable ergonomics, the ease by which you can assemble the studio desk, the different equipment that would be reliant and connected to the studio desk, and other essential features that you would like your desk to have. If you already know and have anticipated the features that you would want your studio desk to have, you can easily work out the customization of your desk. Moreover, you can inevitably zero in on the ideal desk based on the following specific factors:

1) Desk Size and the Allotted Space for your Studio Desk

It is crucial that you know precisely the dimension of the space within the studio where you intend to position your studio desk. If you know the exact dimension, you can easily narrow down your choices to those options that would readily fit into the specified space. With the knowledge of dimension at hand, you can likewise customize the size of the desk according to the allotted space within your studio.

2) How Much Gear Do You intend to Plug into the Desk?

Everything is created twice: first, in mind; then in reality. Similarly, you can anticipate and list down the gears that you intend to stuff your recording desk. The more you can anticipate the number of gears you will use, the better you will be able to choose and design your recording desk. You can likewise incorporate your personal preferences in the design of your studio workstation desk and allow for the accommodation of additional equipment in the future.  

3) Your Budget

Building a recording studio is surely expensive, especially, if you intend to customize some or all parts of your studio. Moreover, buying the right furniture for your studio is definitely not cheap undertaking; hence, you would surely spend a sizeable amount of money, if you want your studio to be great. In the case of buying a home studio desk, the sturdier desk you choose, the more expensive it would be. Yet, if you want a reliable studio desk, it is better to settle for the more solid model even if it is much expensive.

4) Built and Materials

Your preferences will surely figure well in your choice of a studio desk. With regards to the type of materials, your common options are those of metal or wood. Designs and finishes likewise vary, and sometimes you must weigh between the aspects of aesthetics and functionalities. Lastly, you can either opt for ready-made or DIY home studio desk if this choice would be convenient for you. 

5) Central Hub And Workspace

The most important feature of a home studio should be the studio desk table. Why? Because it serves as the central hub of all the activities within your home recording studio. As such, it should be well-chosen and well-built. All other studio equipment should radiate from that central hub. 

Recommended Recording Studio Desks / Workstations

There is no better way to organize your music studio than to have a very versatile and flexible studio desk. A well-designed studio desk would surely help you clean and organize all the nodes within your studio, making your studio clean and clutter-free. Before buying a studio desk, however, it would be good to know the features that you would like your studio desk to have. Once you’ve figured out the right design and features of your prospective desk, you can then select or buy your own studio desk based on the features that you want your studio desk to have. It is also advantageous if you know the top and most coveted studio desks at hand. 

Choosing the right home studio desk can be quite tricky sometimes. But so long as you know the important factors that a home studio desk should have, and you are cognizant of the top-rated studio desks for home, you will never be at the loss when buying one. To facilitate the choosing process for you, we have listed here three of the best home studio desks in the market today:

Here are the most recommended studio desks on the market today:

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1) Omnirax Presto 4 Studio Desk

Musiea IM100 Series Music Studio Desk Workstation with 2 x 4U Rack (Gray)

Omnirax Presto 4 Studio Desk is expensive as compared to other studio desks, but it features a fantastic look with its deep brown wood that is matched by its sturdy frame and functional layout. If your primary concern is an excellent contemporary look, you should go for this studio desk.

This desk comes with a wide frame and provides enough space for sizeable keyboard controllers, smaller mixers, digital mixers, and control surfaces. It also comes with a shelf just above the rack spaces for holding computer monitors as well as nearfield monitors. Moreover, it has a shelf below for storage and a computer. It is also equipped with a computer keyboard shelf. This studio table comes in melamine laminates or melamine with Mahogany, Gray slate, or Maple Formica top surfaces.

2) Studio RTA Producer Station Maple

ACME Furniture Rectangular Music Desk Table with Wheels, White and Black

The Studio RTA Producer Station Maple features a total of 48 rack spaces that are perfect for whatever purposes you intend to use those racks. The bottom racks, however, are perfect for your computer towers. This studio desk offers a total package and most complete options for your studio desk needs. It features an ergonomic workspace that includes dual 20 space racks and keyboard shelf. It is also supported by a steel frame that makes this studio desk sturdy. Moreover, when it comes to design, it is easy to say that it is very professional and sleek and is truly meant for use by music producers.  

You can also position your 88-key keyboards on the main tier for its space is enough to support the dimensions of this keyboard. The side racks, on the other hand, allow you to organize your other equipment, while the upper tier allows for additional keyboards or computer monitor’s accommodation. It also features two smaller sliding tiers that can hold computer keyboards. Furthermore, its cable organizers at the back allow for tangle-free and well-organized cables. On the downside, the whole desk may appear to be difficult to move from one place to another, but with its locking casters, it can be easily moved.

The various features of this studio desk include a main surface area two sliding trays, cable organizers, rollers on the base, two 8-space CD holders, 8 rack spaces up top, and 20 rack spaces on every side down below.

3) Studio Designs 13315 Monterey Craft Station

The Studio Designs 13315 Monterey Craft Station features a primary work surface that has dimensions of 35.5 inches (wide) by 23.75 inches (deep). It features a clear tempered safety glass that you can utilize as a light table. It also features a top angle adjustment of 30 degrees. 

The Studio Designs 13315 Monterey Craft Station comes with four removable side trays for keeping your supplies. It also has a 24″ slip-up pencil ledge. Moreover, its frame is made of powder-coated steel for added durability. 

IT has four-floor levelers for stability, that is perfectly compatible with light-pad support bars. Lastly, this studio desk is more expensive than the abovementioned two studio desks.

4) On-Stage WS7500 Series Wood Workstation

On-Stage WS7500 Series Wood Studio Workstation - Black

This studio desk is surely perfect for the home studio. It sports an ergonomic Z-frame that is made of steel. It also features a laminated surface with slide-out keyboard tray. It also has steel tubing 1″ x 1″ and 1″ x 2″ on its horizontal floor legs. On-Stage WS7500 Series Wood Workstation features three levels of adjustments on its desk. Its main surface desk has dimensions of 29″ high x 43″ wide x 30″ deep. Its tray for the keyboard, however, is 27″ wide by 15.25″ deep. This sliding tray is designed to slide out of the way when it is not in use. The riser, on the other hand, is designed with full width and is one-foot deep. It is surely perfect for dual monitors or a pair of loudspeakers and a monitor.

The elegant “Z” frame structure of this desk is designed for stability and sturdiness. This design pushes the upper riser against the main desktop allowing for greater stability. This desk is pretty much stable and solid, and you’ll notice this once you have positioned and place all the tools, monitors, keyboards, and other accessories onto it. The downside of the design of this desk is its lack of casters. Once you have arranged all the cables, therefore, it would be challenging to move the desk from one place to another. You can drag this desk around, however, for it appears to be robust but not that heavy.  

Another apparent drawback of this desk is its lack of real storage space. It doesn’t have a drawer, nor does it have a rack for signal processing gear. Hence, you must stack all these things behind your keyboard. The upside, however, of using this desk is it affords you enough legroom while you are doing your studio thing.

Onstage Stands has thirty-five years of manufacturing experience to boast of and it has been churning out different lines of microphone stands and musical instruments for both studio use and onstage use. It also provides a two-year warranty on its studio desk products.

5) HOMCOM 61 in. Modern L-Shaped Office Workstation Computer Desk

HOMCOM L-Shaped Corner Computer Office Desk Workstation with Elevated Shelf, Rolling Keyboard Tray, & Convenient CPU Stand, Wood Color

If you want a contemporary-looking studio desk that is minimalistic in design, you should consider the HOMCOM Modern L-Shaped Office Workstation Computer Desk. It doesn’t have any shelves or drawers, but its design provides maximum space for you to work on. It features a spacious L-shaped desk that offers a large working area. Plus, it is lightweight, yet very sturdy.  

The HOMCOM Workstation Computer Desk is made of thick MDF boards supported by a steel frame that keeps the boards in place. It also features a built-in slide-out keyboard tray as well as space for your computer. Furthermore, it is very much affordable. It also features a portable computer tower cart that is detached. This allows you to move your computer tower on smooth-rolling wheels for easy transport.

6) Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

The Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation is well-known for its sleek design characterized by a contemporary style design that features cherry surface with awesome black accents together with clear-tempered glass bound by black border for safety. Moreover, it features a chrome cylinder glass that supports the desk. And along with a keyboard tray that you can easily pull out with enough room for a mouse. The whole desk rests pensively on five castors, four of which are on the outside and one of which is on the inside. With the support of these five castors, you can easily move this desk, even though it weighs 71.7 pounds. These five castors are not big, but they are well-oiled and very responsive for easy moving of desk even over the carpeted floor.

This desk offers a spacious work surface for desktop with its raised platform shelves that are ideal for scanners, printers, and other accessories. This desk also features an easy-to-use pullout keyboard tray with futuristic sports details with its two-tiered design, together with its curved-bottom wood-grained surface. It also allows for efficient and great cable management.

Its full-width riser provides enough room even for two big monitors or studio loudspeakers. Moreover, equipped with a big base right above the floor, this studio desk is definitely perfect for another tower-styled desktop computer. At its base, there is a big cutout into which you can tuck your chair. The surface of the desk affords enough space for mixing panels and keyboards. The desk’s dimensions are 48 x 26 x 36 inches, and its assembled length is 48 inches.

Beneath the tempered glass lies a very sturdy keyboard tray that affords enough room for a useful mouse. The movable tray is sturdy enough and is designed to last long and is not prone to track misalignment and disconnecting. At the back of this desk is situated grated metal support with three holes in the middle through which you can run the cables. These holes are for cabling computers, speakers, monitors, and other wired devices.

7) OneSpace Regallo Expandable “L” Computer Desk

OneSpace Regallo Computer Desk, Black

The OneSpace Regallo Expandable “L” Computer Desk is a uniquely designed studio desk that is meant for space saving. It lets you adapt your desk to any space available with its highly expandable desk. This desk is a fully functioning workspace that provides essential comfort for greater productivity. This expandable workspace offers a work surface of 41.5″ wide x 23.5″ deep. Its top shelf provides 47″ W x 15.75″ D space for your laptop or desktop computer. If you want more space, you can readily extend its surface by sliding out the table into an L shaped table. You can easily slide it out if you no longer need additional working space.  

The “L” configuration of this table has made it a very popular choice among studio owners. Moreover, even those who are not involved in music also opt to buy this desk for their own specific purposes and works. Since this model is highly adaptable to your workspace needs, this desk can be the most suitable for use in your home studio at present. Moreover, if you opt for this desk, you can be very sure that you will get enough functional space and a comfortable workspace to do your paper works.

As a working table for your home studio, you will surely find this desk model perfect for setting up your own home studio. It affords you a full top for clean setting-up of your equipment. Moreover, it affords you enough storage space. You can readily use the shelves for stacking up a more significant number of equipment for your recording. You can likewise place your PC tower on this desk. Lastly, you don’t need to worry about the durability of this item for the company that manufactures this desk is known to provide quality products. Its metal and MDF construction assure you that it has sterling durability.

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