Best Desktop / Table Microphone Stands 2024 [Expert Review]

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Tabletop mic stand setup ideas.

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Getting a quality desktop microphone stand is one of the best investments you can do on your studio setup. Can you imagine how terrible it is if your $500 worth mic fell to the floor due to the unstable stand?

So in this article, We’ve listed out the most critical factors that you must know and review different types of mic stand that are most suitable to be used on the desktop and tabletop.

Benefits Of using Desktop Dynamic/Condenser Mic Stands

Benefits Of using Desktop Dynamic/Condenser Mic Stands

1) Saving Desktop Space

It could save you a lot of space on your desktop by using a mic stand. It is beneficial, especially where there is insufficient space left on your desktop.

2) Avoid Picking Up Desktop Noise

This is one of the major problems with the original short mic stand that comes with the mic. The vibration noise from the PC (especially louder if your PC placed on the desktop), the keyword typing sounds, the noise of the mouse-clicking, and pencil scratching sound when writing. Indeed, all the noise problems can be easily fixed by using a more practical third-party mic stand.

3) More Solid Mic Setup

Sometimes, you might be thinking of adding some useful accessories such as pop-filter, windshield, and shock-mount to your mic. Mostly the original stand that comes in the package will not be suitable for you anymore if you want to upgrade your set up. Accessories matching compatibility issues and the added up weight being the major problems for the mic stand itself.

Buyer’s Guide: Things To Consider When Buying A Mic Stand for Desktop Usages

1) Mounting Screw Compatibility

Most mic stands use different sizes of mounting screw. They are mostly in 3/8″ & 5/8″ threaded mounting screw sizes. You have to know what is the mounting screw size of your mic before buying a mic stand.

That’s fine if both of are in the same size. What if both thread sizes of its mounting are in different sizes? Let me show you the easy solutions for you.

In case the mic stand uses the 5/8″, and the mic is on 3/8″ screw mounting. You can try to remove the screw bracket that attached to the bottom of the mic to make it compatible with the 5/8″ stand mounting as most of the condenser/dynamic mics do come with the removable mounting bracket. Alternatively, you can buy an additional mic screw adaptor that matches the stand.

2) Desktop Space

You can use the tripod or round base stand if your desk is uncluttered and have enough space for additional small studio setups. In case you only have insufficient space available on your desk or your desk is quite cluttered with the home studio accessories, papers, books and all kind of stuff, then I would suggest you get a scissor boom arm mic stand that is extendable and adjustable from the corner.

3) Applications

The purposes of using the mic are by far the most important factors you need to consider before buying a mic stand. And the activities during the recording session largely affects the audio recording quality too if using the wrong mic stand.

If you are a podcaster who always have to do some keyboard typing, mouse-clicking, and writing activities during the recording session, definitely the boom arm mic stands are more suitable for you. The mic with a shorter stand that placed on the desktop does pick up noises from the desktop.

For singers, most types of tripod, round base, and boom arm mic stands will fit because they seldom perform any other desktop activities during a recording session, except singing. If the PC is on the top of the desktop, just make sure your mic is not too close to it to pick up the unnecessary vibration noises. Alternatively, you can use the boom arm for this purpose.

4) Mic Setups

For some advanced users, they might choose to upgrade their mic setup with the additional mic related accessories such as windshield, pop-filter, shock-mount, etc. All these every single add-on accessories will be added-up the total weight of the mic setup that the stand need to bear.

For heavier mic setups, it’s better to go for the mic stand that with the solid base or stronger holding capability to carry its bulky mic setup.

5) Budget

Most mic stands range from around $10 for the basic entry-level stands and could be reaching up to $100 for those high-end mic stands. You can use the basic and affordable mic stand for the cheaper mic setup. However, for more expensive mic setup that cost more than $500, I would suggest that you should get a more high-end and solid-built mic stand just for the sake of its stronger mic holding power in mind.

Best Tabletop / Desktop Mic Stands

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1) Tripod Mic Stands

1) Peak Music Stands SM-02 Mini Tripod

Peak Music Stands SM-02 Mini Tripod

This is a portable  and mini tripod stand that perfect to be used as a desktop mic stand. It is appropriate for use in meetings, speaking, and lectures. It is also perfect for podcasting. 

The Peak Music Foldable Tripod, of course, is very portable. It is designed for easy carrying. It also weighs around 1.4 pounds. Plus, with its foldable legs, you can stack it away with ease when it is not in use. 

The design of this tripod mic stand is well-thought of. It is known for its exceptional strength. It also features non-slip rubber feet for assuaging the impact of friction on the desk. It also comes with a clutch for enabling you to lock and secure the stand for greater stability. Additionally, this stand is wrought in a high-quality iron for greater durability and sturdiness.

2) Neewer Foldable Desktop Microphone Tripod Stand (with Shockmount Holder)

Neewer Mini Desktop Microphone Tripod Stand (Mic Stand)

The Neewer Foldable Tripod Stand kit is perfect for internet chatting, podcasting, lectures, and meetings. It includes a pop filter, a pop-filter holder, a shock mount mic holder, and a desktop tripod stand. Yet, it doesn’t include the mic, which you need to buy separately. 

The Neewer Foldable features an up-and-down adjustment system. Hence, you can easily set it up at the appropriate angle. It is perfect for microphones whose range of diameter is less than 32mm. Thus, you need to check the mic that you are going to use before you order this stand.

This mic stand offers a lightweight construction that is known for its durability. It is easy to set up, and its metal tripod legs come with rubber pad for greater stability. Its pop filter is wrought in a high-quality double nylon filter. This filtering device is meant to improve the sound quality by minimizing plosives and popping sounds. It also comes with a detachable design for ease of storage. 

3) Neewer Desktop Desk Microphone Stand Foldable Tripod (with Non-slip Feet)

Neewer Desktop Desk Microphone Stand Foldable Tripod with Non-slip Feet, Durable Iron Construction, 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch Threaded Mount, Black

This Neewer Desktop Desk Microphone Stand features a threaded mount of 3/8″ and 5/8″ adaptor. Its height is 3.1″ up to 4.9.” Like the abovementioned version of Neewer stand, this one comes with non-slip feet and durable construction. 

This Neewer mic stand is perfect for home studio recording, podcasting, meetings, broadcasting, live interviews, and lectures. It is also suited for equipment and instrument recording sessions. 

This stand can secure the microphone at a perfect angle for podcasting, voiceovers, and any other activities that necessitate a desktop mic. Just like any mic stand produced by Neewer, it also comes with a sturdy design that features sturdy folding legs. It is compact and lightweight, which makes for greater portability.

2) Round Base Mic Stands

1) On Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desk Microphone Stand

OnStage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand, Black

The On-Stage DS7200B Stand is a great choice if you need a stand for short height miking. It features an adjustable height of 9″ to 13.” Its base diameter is 6,” and its base weight is around 2 pounds. Its base also comes with a solid sand-cast material equipped with non-slip rubber feet for dampening vibration and for greater stability.

The On-Stage DS7200B comes with a die-cast steel clutch that is appropriate for paging, announcing, dispatching, and even in courthouse use. Its removable shaft also comes with a nice finish of black powder coating or chrome finish.

This mic stand is an industry-standard mic stand that comes with a top standard screw. So, you can use any mic with a standard industry screw hole on this mic stand. 

2) On Stage DS7100 Desktop Microphone Stand

On-Stage DS7100 Desktop Microphone Stand, Chrome

On-Stage DS7100 Desktop Microphone Stand is perfect for paging, announcement, dispatch, and courthouse use. Its solid sand-cast base comes with five rubber feet that afford it greater stability. Its removable shaft also comes in chrome or black finish.   

This mic stand comes with a 4″ removable shaft with 6″ base for more compact design and usefulness. Its maximum height is 4 inches, and its base diameter is 6 inches. Moreover, its base weight is 2 pounds. The color of the base is black while the shaft is chrome.  

3) LyxPro DKS-1 Desktop Microphone Desk Stand 9″ – 14″

LyxPro Desktop Microphone Stand - 9"-14" Adjustable Height Desk Mic Holder - Weighted Cast Iron Base - 3/8"-5/8" Adapter Screw - Table Top with Non-Slip Rubber Feet

Another great option if you are looking for a great desktop mic stand is the LyxPro Desktop Microphone Stand. It is great for use in podcasting, home recording, live interviews, broadcasting, and many other uses. It features an adjustable height of 9″ to 14.” Its round base is made of cast iron for greater stability and durability. This Microphone Stand’s base weighs around 2.2 pounds. 

LyxPro Desktop Microphone Stand also comes with 3/8: to 5/8″ adaptor for fitting mic holder clips. With its sturdy build, it can support heavy mics of up to 6.5 pounds. The base also comes with 3 small rubber feet for greater stability.

3) Gooseneck Mic Stands

1) Pyle Desktop Microphone Stand

Pyle Desktop Microphone Stand - Universal Tabletop Mic Holder w/ Flexible 8.2'' Inch Gooseneck Mount and Solid U Shape Base - Perfect for Table Desk or Counter - PMKS8,Black

Pyle Desktop Microphone Stand is a universal desktop mic holder that comes with a flexible 8.2″ gooseneck mount along with a solid U-shape base. It is suited for table and desk use. This mic stand is around 8.2″ high. It does not produce static noise when you adjust its position. Moreover, it is easy to adjust with its clip attachment and universal mic holder.

The good thing about the Pyle mic stand is that it is a versatile stand. Its bendable shaft lets you position the mic to the desired angle. Its gooseneck shaft also lets you position the mic to whatever directions you would like to direct it. Its sturdy base, U-shaped, is wrought in solid die-cast iron with 5.6″ x 6.8″ dimensions. It also features a durable design that is lightweight at the same time for easy carrying.

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2) ChromaCast CC-GDMIC-STAND

ChromaCast CC-GDMIC-STAND Gooseneck Bass Drum/Table Microphone Stand

The ChromaCast CC-GDMIC-STAND is a gooseneck bass microphone stand that allows you to readily adjust the angle of your microphone according to what you want. It is easy to adjust with its quietly adjusting gooseneck shaft. It also features a scratch-resistant and powder-coated finish. Plus, its base is wrought in solid die-cast metal.

Its base is sturdy and comes with a universal microphone holder. Its base is around 5″ in diameter and is 1-inch thick in the middle. Its gooseneck is around 11-inch long and half an inch in diameter along with screw thread connectors. Moreover, it can hold a mic without tipping over. You will find this mic stand useful and likable.

3) Ultimate Support JS-DMS75 JamStands

JS-DMS75 JamStands Table-Top/Gooseneck Mic Stand

The Ultimate Support JS-DMS75 JamStands is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable mic stand for use in panel discussions, desktop voice-overs, and podcasting. It is an adjustable mic stand that is easy to use and set up. 

It also features a gooseneck shaft for quick adjustment. It also comes in a powder-coated black finish, which is scratch-resistant. Moreover, it comes with a sturdy base that has a non-slip rubber ring at its bottom. Its height is from 8 inches to 12.25 inches. It also weighs around 1.96 pounds.

4) Desktop Boom Arm Mic Stands

1) RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm (High-end)

RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm

RODE PSA 1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm features a 360-degree rotating arm along with a maximum horizontal reach of around 32.5 inches and 33 inches vertical reach. It also comes with a 3/8-inch thread adaptor. Additionally, it can hold up to 4.4 pounds of weight. It also features a two-axis swivel mount for more accurate positioning.

This mic stand is a studio boom arm mic stand for broadcasting and use at home studio. It also comes with Velcro cable wraps along with insert style attachments for greater versatility when mounting. Moreover, it is compatible with RØDE Microphones. Podcaster. It can also support mics with weights that range between 700g to 1.1kg when used with a shock mount.

2) Tree New Bee Complete Set Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

The Tree New Bee Complete Set Mic Stand is another great choice if you are looking for a mic stand for your table. It comes with a table mounting clamp that allows you to clamp it sturdily into your table. It also comes with an adjustable screw for correct positioning, allowing you to clip it to any desktop up to 1.7″ thick.

It comes with a double nylon pop filter for lessening plosive and popping sounds. It also comes with a mic shock mount for isolating table or floor vibrations. Moreover, it comes with a complete set of microphone suspension boom scissor arm stand.

3) Neewer Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand with Boom Arm

Neewer Microphone Arm Stand, Suspension Boom Scissor Mic Arm Stand with 3/8” to 5/8” Screw and Cable Ties Compatible with Blue Yeti, Snowball, Yeti X, Quadcast and Other Mics, Max Load 1.5kg

Neewer Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand features an adjustable desktop microphone stand that comes with a great configuration for broadcasting, podcast, and live performance. With its versatile design, you can position the mic according to your desired angle and distance. Its maximum height is up to 21.25 inches. Moreover, it comes with an easy-locking knob. It is also easy to set up and provides great stability.

This mic stand comes with a T-handle adjustment for stable boom positioning. It also comes with a round boom design along with a large clamping area. It is also solidly built with solid metal construction, and it is very durable.


Table/desktop mic stands come in a wide variety of designs and brands. Some come with a tripod base for sturdy support, while some feature extensive boom arms for better positioning of microphones. Knowing your different options of mic stands at hand will allow you to select the right table/desktop mic stand for your use. Moreover, it will help you easily zero in on the right mic stand for your use on your desktop. 

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