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Are you an aspiring singer? Or have you already started giving performances? No matter; in whichever category you fall, you need to have a singing voice that is unique and very easy to recognize.

You need a singing voice that uniquely belongs to you if you want to differentiate yourself from the crowded music industry. The music industry doesn’t need another typical singer that can only perform a great song. What we want is a singer with his/her own unique and distinctive singing style that will empower and take the whole music world by storm.

Creating a singing style would mean an attempt to sing as unique and comfortable as you can. It’s an always appreciated fact if one possesses a good voice.  However, a unique style can not be limited to a dependence on a particular talent.

Techniques To Create Your Own Style

1) Be Unique

Most of us have that unique preference for specific genres of music. But it doesn’t mean that because you prefer a particular genre of music, that genre is the most appropriate for you. So, before you even indulge yourself in a specific genre, you better explore other music genres before you decide which genres are the best for you. Some would say, however, that what you love to listen to belongs to the style that you generally prefer to sing. The need is to spark your own way and spin your best qualities as a singer in order to let people convince to listen to you by giving them a reason to get involved in your singing performance.

Thus, it makes you have the style that you want to. Identify your vocal strength and use it as your competitive advantage in your singing style. Just take Christina Aguilera as an example. One of her strongest skills is belting, and she was able to use this belting voice successfully in her singing voice to stand up from the crowd.

2) Finding Your Perfect Tone and Resonance

It is important to understand certain facts on the tone and resonance part before you actually try to adopt a singing style as your own. Resonance means the traveling of a sound by your throat and, then to your audience.  This makes you learn as to how to actually produce a particular tone in order to create the resonance to make your singing perfect.

If you want to know about how your resonance can affect your singing style, you have to understand its effects on speaking first. Public speakers usually adopt two ways through which they speak. The first method is to speak through throats.  Generally, the speakers use this technique that sounds like shouting, especially if they are males.  If women opt for this particular style, they sound squeaky and high pitched. For a confident-sounding, it is better to project from a different way or place.

3) Voice Projection

Also, you should know how to project your voice. Hence, it is important to find a link between head voice and chest voice, otherwise, itt can damage the vocal cords.  As a result, you will not be able to sing at your full capacity and potential.  This is the reason resonance and singing style goes hand in hand.

There are numerous methods, you can lift the sound above the vocal cords.  Else, in front of your mouth, try to place the sound. This way, you can avoid straining. You should also know how to control breath properly. Also, remember that you have to practice as it will help in exercising the voice to the proper extent.

Knowing the basics can help you concentrate on your singing performance. It is for relaxing your vocal cords.  You will a vibrating sensation in your head and chest while singing.  You just need to look which will work the best for you and then act accordingly.

Remember, it is crucial is to create a resonance that can well match the style you have adopted. Experiment with yourself and try to create a performance that is worth noticing and that everyone loves.

4) Learn to Build Your Voice Character

Well, it is but natural for you to mimic the singing style of those singers whom you idolize. But if you want to develop your own style, you should work on it. Moreover, to develop as a remarkable singer, you need to develop your vocal style. Always remember that each person has his/her vocal quality. Hence, if you want to thrive as a singer, you need to harness your vocal style by employing different useful techniques to create your own singing style. 

At the onset, you should know the basics of how to sing well. You should know how to phrase well and that you should know how to play around with your phrasing. You can learn about phrasing by taking one of your favorite songs to study it. Analyze how the original singer does his/her phrasing. Then, try to infuse your vocal style into the song and try to make that song your own. As you sing each line, try to add unique touches to the song. Improvise! In this way, you will discover your unique endowment and make you stand out in a crowd. 

Are Singing Styles Becoming Highly-Commercialized?

In professional singing, it’s easy to mimic other’s styles in singing, but to have your own identity in promoting your own original singing style is much better.  In the first place, what styles in singing are present in the music industry where you can choose from?  In music terminology, the way you render your music in song describes its category into rock, classical, country, pop, reggae, jazz or blues.

In each major category, there are corresponding categories such as heavy rock, acid jazz, and Chicago blues.  These are further categorized into the eras covered like the 50s, 60s, etc.  Most often, the category of music done by original artists is being done not by themselves, but by the officers of the music industry.

However, this practice is more advantageous than not because it provides the buyer the opportunity to look for new styles in music, and establish them according to their desired preferences.  A lot of singers spend much time trying to come up with different singing styles to know which category in music is suitable for their singing ability.  This may be an acceptable practice in developing versatility.  However, you should be able to adjust his own style in singing instead of forcing his voice to a tune that you can’t reach.

In this case, a beginner can damage his voice if he attempts to mimic a famous artist who has a different vocal capability with his own.  Some singers have their own specialties in their own singing methods or genres in music.  One group creates their own styles, and another is regarded as music experts who are capable of breaking the wall by creating songs in any style that could be mistaken as their own composition.

In this modern era of music, both songwriters and singers meet at a common point in accessing a wider scope of potential influences as compared before.  The movement of music in different singing styles is turning into a commercial form of music.  Today, voices and musical instruments that you hear from eastern countries are treated equally and given due recognition when they become part of chart songs.

This practice allows those music performers to show off their talent and creativity in combining different styles of music to form a new sound.  In comparing genres in music, some of them are more popular compared to others based on a commercial point of view.  Therefore, while this aspect is worth considering, the singer should not be given a limit to choose his own music category and singing style in taking his career path.

If you are a beginner in the world of music, you are expected to strive more towards vocal versatility even if you are bound to specialize in a specific field in music.  When choosing a musical repertoire, one of the important aspects that you should have in mind is that you should always enjoy the songs that you sing.  You should also make sure that the singing style is suitable for your range.

Reality Facts of Singing / Music Industry

You may not be aware of it, but plenty of music artists resist making commercial music. One of the reasons is that they don’t want to compromise their integrity just by following some popular versions in the music industry that are selling currently. The problem that can be perceived here is not attributed to commercial music but in its definition and perception.

People thought that commercial music is rigidly defined by the music industry. Actually, this wrong idea comes from some music artists who are not willing or do not have the capability to create commercial songs. In truth, it is the public that dictates the commercial profile of a song. For many years, they have adopted it, embraced, and patronized records that contain commercial music format.

In case that commercial music becomes gauge for success in the music industry, there will be exceptions to it. Unfortunately, some of the music artists have the tendency to try it instead of following the rules, and find out why they exist. Let’s put it this way: the rules of success in commercial music will never change in your lifetime or even for the next generation.

They are able to persist because of the people’s rejection of unfamiliar things present in the music industry. Because of this, many songs that are popular are similar in sound, and they seem to contain familiar descriptions. This is a rule that prevails in different genres throughout the world.

However, you can still find some artists who prefer to create their own masterpieces by simply observing their unique artistic values. They try to balance the existing demand for commercial music delicately by industry professionals. They are able to stand out for their integrity in music by not submitting themselves to the irony of commercial values in music.

Final Words

Always remember that as a new singer, you are trying to carve a niche of your own in the musical industry. You are surely clueless as to which vocal character you would like to project to the world. But always remember that all well-known singers started clueless about what they are going to achieve and what style they are going to embrace. 

By learning the basics of singing and learning how to improvise and find your comfort zone, you can surely create for yourself a unique vocal identity. If you have the raw talent, you simply need to harness and enhance it. As you develop your unique singing style, you will be given a chance to stand out and carve for yourself a niche for your singing style.

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