Top 7 Vocal Coaches & Teachers in New York City [2024 Updated]

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Vocal coaches or voice teachers are there to guide or teach you how to sing, the appropriate use of your singing voice, what to do, and what now not to do to ensure good vocal cords and produce. They also give private voice lessons, collective workshops, and advanced classes to singers. They even coach singing lessons during a recording session or while rehearsing for a performance on stage.

There are lots of vocal coaches on YouTube from all around the world with various skills and methods. Therefore distinguishing or discerning the appropriate vocal coach or voice teacher for you can be challenging and stressful. As we all know that New York is a very big city with lots of people doing practically the same thing, leading to the existence of lots of new york vocal coaching centre /vocal coaches /voice teachers.

In this article, we will point out the top 7 vocal coach and voice teachers you can find in New York City.

1) Karen Nimereala

Karen Nimereala, formerly known as Karen Acampora, is a singer herself who studied in Julliard school. She made her debut in Opera with the Dallas Opera performing the role of Violetta in “La Traviata”, which was conducted by Maestro Nicola Rescigno. Karen Nimereala has featured at various Opera Houses in France and the United States and is widely acclaimed for her theatrical abilities that are unequaled, her versatile artistic nature, and her excellent singing voice.

Karen Nimereala is also a first class voice teacher, voice coach, and mentor. She believes that singing, music, and composing are almost primordial for many people, and brings an understanding of the voice to each person as each voice is an individual spirit and color. 

Helping them find and hold on to their unique vocal qualities, giving an understanding of not only the voice to the person no matter the genre of music but She specialized in Jazz, Pop, Rock, musical theater, and classical genres.

Her studio for voice lessons/ singing lessons in New York focuses on extensive techniques and application of style from the Italian school of singing. Seminars on songs in any musical theatre which specializes in acting, voice technique as well as finalizing in public performances of scenes and ensembles are also given.

In addition, Karen Nimereala is also a vocal adviser apart from voice lessons, for artists who perform and are preparing for their concerts or tours.

2) Lisa Rochelle

Since 1993, Lisa Rochelle has worked as a Performance Coach and a Vocal Technique Teacher in NYC’s professional theatrical community. Her teaching is specifically designed to help vocalists fulfill their aims by clarifying and elaborating on the art, act, and heart of singing.
Lisa is a vocal coach, and a voice teacher in New York uses numerous disciplines to teaching, which has been composed over years of experience. For the knowledge of various singing styles from one seamless voice, Lisa’s is the facility to go, with her goal being to produce an arsenal of equipment for helping you thoroughly learn the aspects of voice that you can control.

Lisa conducts various Singing lessons on how to build the voice, manage the health of your vocals, solving problems technically, coaching, auditions, etc., by collaborating with medical professionals in the retraining of problematic and injured voices, which is also a part of the program she does.

Training her students’ unique features by helping them build discipline, work ethics, and at the same time, make it seem like fun is how she operates. Her Voice lessons are based on creating good and healthy vocal habits, bodywork, and personal exercise regulations are also entertained as part of vocal training, as well as the exploration of performance practice methods and special approaches to the repertoire.

Check this detailed guide on how to sing RB Songs by Jems Mann.

3) Michael Warren

Michael Warren is of the D.M.A. VOCAL STUDIO, who bagged his Doctorate in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance from the University of Maryland, as well as Bachelors and Master’s degrees from the University of Denver. He has worked as a vocal pedagogy instructor at Finland’s Korsholm Festival, sharing faculty status with Nicolai Gedda.
Warren advocates the philosophy of teaching singing lessons and singing in accordance with singer empowerment, natural vocals, and strengthening the instinct of your musical nature. Rehabilitating and enhancing the voices of popular performers as well as upcoming talents is acknowledged to him.

He works from the natural purpose of the voice. Therefore his mono pedagogical approach helps each singer’s own instrument to develop from its particular strengths. 

Michael Warren has been offering vocal lessons to not only singers of the pop genre, but to other music genres which includes jazz, Opera, and modern musical theater for the past 30 years and has produced some of the best Opera House singers. This includes places like Bayreuth, San Francisco, La Scala, and Covent Garden.

Recognized for their exceptional range and stamina, registration, and for the individuality of their vocal quality and timbre are Michael’s students. Many have debuted in leading roles at the Metropolitan Opera. While some have performed leading roles on Broadway and in major jazz venues globally, others have established significant careers as voice teachers.

4) New York Vocal Coaching – Justin Stoney

New York Vocal coaching is owned by Justin Stoney. He is internationally recognized as a voice teacher and has featured in live interviews of celebrity singers.
You have got to be rest assured that you will receive the best and skillful teaching in vocal lessons, and methods appropriate of all singers irrespective of the genre, age or level at New York Vocal Coaching.

Justin has a BFA in Musical Theatre Performance from the University of Michigan. After studying classical vocal technique and musical theatre at the Metropolitan Opera with veterans, he became a master of techniques involved in the vocals of musical theater from Broadway, as well as the contemporary vocal technique with Rhythm and bluesrock, and pop expert instructors.  

Apart from vocal training, Justin also has extensive formal training in classical and jazz piano. He is a made musician who plays various musical instruments such as the drums, Irish whistle, varieties of guitar such as the acoustic, electric, bass. He also has a certified background in yoga, anatomy, and the Alexander Technique.

All over the world, vocal tutors, as well as vocalist, know Justin Stoney as the host of “Voice Lessons To The World,” the popular singing show. It gives training and information on the vocals to singers all over the world.

Education and training of voice teacher widely differ as we can make out from the various backgrounds, approaches, and methods of the vocal teacher discussed above. Almost all the professional singer have undergone one degree or the other in similar areas, such as foreign languages or diplomas in human kinetics, posture to take while vocalizing, techniques to match, or breathing exercises; while who haven’t undergone such training base their teachings on their broadened experience as a performer.

The vocal coaching is a competitive field or area, especially at the peak professional levels or stages. 

Like I said earlier that there are lots of people living in New York City working in the same field and competing to be the best. However, the odd have been beaten down and reduced to a reasonable amount to number in order to evaluate and choose the vocal coach or teacher who fits your personality and whom you can work with to improve your vocals.

5) Matt Farnsworth

Matt Farnsworth is not only a pianist or an actor, but he is also that lives and works in NYC. Since 1995, he has been a vocal coach at RENT and is also a Broadway consulting coach. He has also developed an App called the MF Voice that helps both professional and beginner singers, which helps improve the vocal range, singing experience, and genre specs.

If you are looking for a firm believer in developing the vocal techniques and technicalities naturally, then Matt Farnsworth is your go-to guy. Matt Farnsworth is a voice coach that is strictly straight forward when it comes to vocal coaching. He teaches singers to gain the ability of creating their own individual and unique sound instead of imitating others.

His singing lessons are practically natural, free your body from tension, relieve your head of the various information that you’ve heard about singing, and experience the great feeling called singing. Not only in your head but in your heart. Matt Farnsworth teaches all kinds of singers on how to naturally process the technicalities of the vocal process and have fun singing.

To him, your voice is a mirror that reflects what is going and what has gone on in your life. Whatever goes on wrong in your life reflects in your voice. So, with practice and vocal exercises, all things will become balanced, and you will develop all the vocal techniques and technicalities you need.

6) NYC Vocal Studio

NYC Vocal Studio was created in 2011 with one aim. The aim to “help people realize their full potential as singers.” As long as you are human, you have the right to realize your full potentials as a singer, and so far, they have lived up to the aim they set. Their journey to help people realize their full potential as singers have helped them improve their voices as well as act as a guide to make them love the song they sing, the way they express it and the reflection of it in their lives.

When you have a session with them, you cannot but help to love the way you sing. Combining learning theories with vocal science and self-discovery, you cannot just help but dream of being the main act on Broadway. Their singing lessons are open to all types of singers, be it the professionals earning their pay on Broadway, the singers that have the showers as their stage, the creative singers, the theatre lovers, or parents. Whoever you are, NYC vocal studio has a spot for you.

They practically work on every part of your vocals organs, from your diaphragm, all the way to your tongue and through the soft palate, and finally, your vocal folds. They train your body, mind, and self to create creativity, become more aware of your body, and eventually effect a change in your singing.

7) Deric Rosenblatt – Vocal Power

For over 20 years, Deric Rosenblatt of Vocal Power has passionately taught people the techniques involved in vocalizing. He has done this so excellently well that he has carved a unique niche for himself that sets him apart from the other coaches in New York City. After studying pop music and theater so extensively, he went on to combine it with the technical training skills of a singer of the classic.

He teaches not only the classical singers but also the pop, theater, and gospel singers. To him, the key is to understand the style of music you want to sing and the various styles of voices that are going to be involved in them. The technical knowledge is all that you need to know.

Deric teaches in a loving and safe environment to empower the student. This helps each student to develop their own individual sounds to sound unique and original. Combining his expertise as a voice teacher, he believes in maintaining good vocal health to enable singers to sing with a high note. Just go book an appointment with Deric Rosenblatt and see your vocals take all the improvements it needs to go Broadway.

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