How to Record a Singing Video for Youtube? [Answered]

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2023)
Singer recording singing performance for Youtube.

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The road to fame has been slowly being leveled by YouTube, and anyone who got talent and has something noteworthy to present will have a ready platform on YouTube. YouTube users, of course, spend a billion hours on YouTube videos every day. Moreover, YouTubers upload video content amounting to hundreds of hours to YouTube servers each minute.

Given the myriads of videos on YouTube, getting viewed and followed on YouTube becomes a considerable challenge. So, if you are an aspiring singer—who wants legions of fans to patronize you—how can you make an excellent singing video that can be the next viral thing on YouTube?

If you are aching to learn how to make an excellent music video, you need to learn the basics of video recording. Remember that nothing is achieved without sacrifice. So, you need to sacrifice time and effort to ensure that you craft your video excellently so that your video can pique viewers’ interest.

Techniques and Equipment You Need for Youtube Video Recording for Singing

There are certain things you need to have to make a worthwhile video for YouTube. Besides, you will need to be mindful of the valuable techniques to actualize your videos. Below are the things and techniques you need to know to ensure that you are doing your video the right way:

Choose the Right Microphone to Use

You might have seen a YouTube video that went viral using only a phone camera and mic. Well, on rare occasions, the use of a camera mic is good enough. But experts will readily remind you that it will not suffice if you want to create an professional video for your YouTube channel. Of course, you can use it as your reference to synchronize your record and audio. But if you want to create an excellent video, you need to look beyond your camera mic. 

If you plan to use your camera microphone or phone recorder, do not set them too loud so as not to distort the audio. You can skirt this issue by using a mobile audio interface or a microphone. Yet, though some cameras let microphones be plugged straight in, phones would require an interface so that you can record sound using another microphone. You can use Focusrite or other interfaces to get you started using your phone. 

You can also use shotgun microphones because they are directional. They do not pick up many sounds from the back and sides and focus only on the sound source. Using such a mic will allow you to hide the mic from view. Yet, most probably, you want your audience to see the mic.

If you are making live music, you can use a pair of omnidirectional microphones and position them near the audience’s sides with their backs pointing toward the PA. The mics should be above the crowd. In this way, you can record the stage sound and enough sound from the audience to provide you with ambient sounds. The thing is, your mic should clearly capture your voice with all its nuances and crispiness.

Check this article by Become singers on the best live performance equipment for singers.

Use an Excellent Camera

You cannot make a video without a camera. So, it will help if you equip yourself with a good camera. But cameras come in a wide variety. So, it will be helpful to choose the camera you will use carefully. Your smartphone cameras can come in handy when making videos because most high-end phones come with excellent cameras. 

Yet, if you want to raise your video recording a notch higher, you can opt for high-end cameras for making music videos. Some of these cameras are SLR cameras like Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera and Canon Powershot G9 X Digital Camera.


Lighting is crucial to your video quality. Yet, when you are just starting to post videos on YouTube channel, you won’t be needing a professional studio lighting setup to get an excellent video. In fact, you will see several music videos on YouTube that only use natural light. Some even use lightbulbs, and still, the videos appear to be professional and even enthuse viewers.

Knowledge of the correct placement of lighting can help you achieve an optimum lighting effect for your video. Remember that lighting involves the interplay of shadow and light. So, sometimes you can get by using a lampshade in one corner of your room, complemented by some evening lights. 

Of course, you can experiment with lights. You can check out lighting tutorials on YouTube and other sites to know how to best optimize the use of lighting in your video.

Video Shooting

Once you got the best available gadgets and equipment and have set them up for your video recording, you can start shooting. Before you begin shooting, you need to understand the basics of video shooting. 

To know the basic strategies and concepts about video making, you can take some cues from the experts. You can choose methods and techniques that are best suited to your video concepts. Here are a few tricks and tips that you can apply when making a low-budget video:

The Proper Use of Camera: It would be best if you learn to place the camera like a pro. At the onset, it will help to learn the correct placement of the camera. It will be best to position it at eye level with your figure in the frame’s middle. Make sure to bestow your shoot with enough light. 

Remember to record at 1080p. You can use most high-end phones without any problem. If you got a tripod, you should use it and not look too much at the lens while recording. 

Sync Audio in Post: The ideal thing is to record your video separately from your audio. In this way, you can deal with each aspect of your video separately. Then, you can sync your audio with your editing software. 

Video Post-Editing 

Every excellent video requires excellent post-production of the video. Editing video has a learning curve. At the start, you may get a bit fidgety while editing your video. Yet, soon enough, you will have enough experience to do great editing. 

Of course, there are several ways to make your video stand out during editing. So, the editing process will play a crucial role in the enhancement of your singing video. Video editing doesn’t mean learning excellent cinematic footage. It only means that you need to follow some techniques to get a professional result.

Creative Camera Movements: During the editing process, you can include some camera movements to engage the viewers more in your video. Panning and Zooming are also great tricks that you can use to enhance your video during editing. Of course, if you are a DIYer, working alone, you will find it hard to make certain shots or make the camera appear moving while you sing. You can ask your best friend to do the process for you. 

Adding LUTs: Using the correct LUT can also improve your video during the editing process. Moreover, LUT can beautify your video and give it a certain look and style. The LUT can also add an extra style layer and creativity to your videos.

Simplicity is Beauty: If you are recording for your original composition or covering a popular song, you should remember that simplicity is beauty when making a video. Moreover, the more authentic your video, the more it will be appreciated by viewers, for they can relate quickly to your video. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you will settle for a less presentable video when opting for simplicity. You need to follow the basics of video shooting and editing to ensure that your video is acceptable to your targeted viewers.


If you want to make an excellent singing video, you need to develop an audio editing skill. Audio recording and editing imply two things: recording and mixing. Excellent audio editing usually relies on how good the source material is. So, if you did not record the material well, you will have hard time post-production.. 

There are several factors to consider, like the bit depth, gain, timing, and sync. During the mixing process, you need to use good file management and project structure to make your editing and mixing easy. You can also enhance the levels of various controls and employ panning during the mixing and editing process. You can also add other audio filters and effects to your audio to improve it.

Another thing is you need to engage in noise reduction process. Ridding your audio of unnecessary sounds should be on your priority list. Moreover, proper equalization is necessary to bring out the correct frequencies. 

If you are a beginner, it may take time for you to master the audio editing process. But as you familiarize yourself with the tools and effects, the audio editing process becomes easy.

Additionally, it will be good to be familiar with YouTube’s AAC-LC audio codec standard when recording video for YouTube channel. This standard supports many natural dynamic ranges. When it comes to encoding, you will have the optimum results if you use the AAC-LC codec at a 48kHz or 96kHz sample rate. 

Make sure that your video is compliant with the requirements of YouTube. Remember that if you feel that your video can still be enhanced, you need to enhance it. It is better to spend time editing your video than to upload a mediocrely done video on YouTube. And if you dont have dslr wireless mic then you can check out.

Additional Tips 

Aside from knowing the techniques and tricks you can use to enhance your video, you can likewise take a look at these additional tips:

Make Sure You Have a Decent Mic

The number of singing videos on YouTube is enormous, and the competition is stiff. Moreover, YouTube is loaded with millions of singing videos, all vying to be seen and liked. Hence, it will help to use an excellent mic and camera to ensure that you will come up with a better singing. It will also be helpful to invest in a decent microphone. Since you are making a music video, you need to ensure that your mic can make your voice sound good.

Play Your Instrument Expressively

Playing while singing is a challenge, and unless you are really good, you will find it a bit difficult to play while singing. But if you want your video to appear great, it will help to play your instrument expressively. 

When you play, for example, a guitar, play as if you are playing for a large audience. Be expressive and dramatic, but never lose your cool. 

You can try different poses or positions while playing your instrument and figure out which pose or position best suits you and best expresses your creativity.

Wear a Bit of Makeup to Add Life and Color to your Face

Makeup ranges from incredibly complex looks to simple applications. Makeup applications can be a crucial part of making videos. So, make sure you apply a bit of makeup to make you look attractive and amiable. Makeup can correct distortions in your face caused by the camera lens and lights. 

Remember that camera can accentuate skin flaws. So, to ensure that your wrinkles, skin tone, and scars are not magnified, you can apply a bit of makeup to give your skin life. If you are a male, powdered makeup may be enough.

Get the Necessary Permission to Record a Cover Song

If you cover a song when performing live, you’ll get no legal liability on that, for the venue will be the one liable for securing the license for whatever music performed on their platform. However, if you intend to cover song and record it, you might be legally liable for breaching some copyright laws. 

The law states that no one can cover a music piece without a mechanical license from the holder of the copyright. To be able to cover a song, you can get a mechanical license to make this recording. This requirement is a mandatory licensing system. You only need to pay the fee. Moreover, if you intend to add this YouTube cover song to your video, you will need a synchronization license. You can obtain this license per project.


If you have what it takes to be a YouTube singing sensation, then, by all means, go for it. YouTube is there to back you up. All you must do is make the perfect video and upload it on YouTube channel. If viewers like it, soon, you will find your video going viral, and you can monetize your uploads. 

Yet, millions of aspiring YouTube sensations weren’t able to break the viral walls. Maybe because their videos are not engaging, or the audio is not that clear. Nevertheless, if you want to have a viral video on YouTube, it will help if you are cognizant of the abovementioned tips and techniques. Follow the abovementioned steps and tips, and who knows, you might be the n YouTube singing sensation.

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